Ready Or Not, Here He Comes

So it starts with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying he wanted to visit Ground Zero, and the NYPD jumped up and said, we’ll be ready for you.  Then they changed their mind and delivered the whacky Iranian president a hearty, “No Ground Zero for you.” 

Ahmadinejad was having none of that noise.

After the NYPD declaration that they would not support Mahmoud’s wishes, the Iranian Mission sent word back that they better get used to grinning and bearing it because Ahmadinejad is going to go there anyway.  The trip is scheduled for Monday at ten in the morning, giving just enough time for a few more shots to be tossed back and forth before the controversial president of Iran blugeons his way to the site of the most vicious attack on American Soil.

Ah, now comes the point of my morning where I say something that is guaranteed to piss people off.  You know, as a sidebar, I’m coming to savor this part of my morning, like a nice rare porterhouse seasoned to perfection, or sipping a good beer while listening to Beethoben’s Moonlit Sonata.  Ooh… getting shivers already.

Personally, I couldn’t care less if Ahmadinejad visits Ground Zero or not.

I’m sorry, I’m ambivalent.  He’s a whackjob, and not a particularly nice person, but the mere act of him visiting Ground Zero doesn’t offend me.  That may change depending on what he does there, but given the fact that he didn’t actually cause the attacks (you’ll know we’re really close to war with Iran when Bush and Cheney start implying he did) doesn’t preemptively tarnish the idea for me.

Look, I talked about this when I wrote my 9/11 memorial piece.  We are still a nation in mourning, and it is still a sensitive subject, but to a degree there’s something off about this.  We aren’t healing, and we aren’t getting over it.

I fully well understand the outcry from a lot of people over Ahmadinejad’s visit, and to a degree they have a right to their indignation.  But when I wrote that piece, I likened 9/11 to a wound that we keep picking at over and over again, letting it fester and get infected as opposed to letting it heal and make us stronger.  This is just another small example of that.

As for the hawks, if Ahmadinejad was really as bad as they say he is, I would almost think that they would secretly welcome such a visit, for it could only be an invitation for the Iranian president to do himself harm in the views of the American people.  Any kind of faux pas on Mahmoud’s behalf would help color Americans’ view of him in the favor of those seeking to make war with his country.

But this is the risk that they face; that Ahmadinejad may actually be civil.  This has happened before.

Earlier this year the Western World poised itself when fifteen British Sailors were held captive by the Iranian government.  Hawks were lining up and pounding the war drums with unmatched fervor, but on April fifth, Ahmadinejad did what so few expected him to do; he let them go.  And he did it with a smile.

Not that I’m defending him particularly.  I expect more accusations that I love Iran; it’s happened before.  But if only to have it on record, I want to make it clear that I don’t trust Ahmadinejad, I don’t like Ahmadinejad, nor do I see him as a benevolent figure.  I just think that people have a tendancy to overreact to him.

Couple that with the still gaping wound of September eleventh, and you have a whole lot of overreaction.

But in truth, I expect little more than for him to visit Ground Zero, express certain sympathies, and carry on about his business.

Not exactly nation threatening stuff there.

3 Responses to “Ready Or Not, Here He Comes”

  1. po says:

    Word. All the hubbub merely illustrates a wonderful point: Americans still have absolutely no idea of who attacked them on 8/11 or why. It wasn’t Iran and Iran didn’t give them any money to do it. If any nation did, it was Saudi Arabia and we sit down and eat with them all the time. Step back, breath deeply, and go about your business. there is nothing to see here.

  2. Holy Crap! Really wasn’t expectin’ someone to agree with me on this.

    Thanks man! And you’re right, it’s like we as a nation suffer from TADD (Terrorism Attention Deficit Disorder). What? al Qaeda? Huh… OOH IRAQ!



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