Reaping And Sowing

“The Mayor” has made it essentially the only plank in his platform that he was the mayor of the location of the 9/11 attacks (let’s forget the Pentagon, of course), and for this reason alone he should be elected president.

But a group of victim’s families teaming up with firefighters and first responders have opted to “Swiftboat” Giuliani.  The only difference here being that these folks may have the benefit of truth on their sides.

“On the body of my dead son, he’s running for President.”

These are words that should strike fear in the heart of any candidate running for President of the United States, but for Rudy Giuliani, they should be enough to cause nightmares.

There is little to the candidacy of the former mayor of New York City.  His social agenda is a murky haze of trying to cover up a past of social liberalism while half heartedly reaching out towards social conservatism.  Meanwhile, virtually everything else that he is campaigning upon hinges one way or another upon his successes and merits as the guy who led New York through the 9/11 aftermath.

Not that this is something that I haven’t seen coming in a long while.  From his failure to get the endorsement of the IAFF to the abandoning of the Iraq Study Group in favor of paid speeches, Rudy’s 9/11 street creds don’t seem to run much further than skin deep.

And yet he continues to make that single aspect about him as a candidate the main event.  Now far be it for me to criticize a candidate who blows one’s own horn.  That’s part of the pomp and circumstance of presidential politics.  Where Rudy fails is that he has only the one thing to fall back on, and he has been at the very least arrogant in his self-portrayal as a post 9/11 leader.

Whether you want to talk about the Swifties, or Rovian Turn the Weakness into a Strength style politics doesn’t matter, Rudy has just the one weakness and instead of broadening his appeal and gaining a further grasp on a wider platform (or even, as the ISG incident would have us believe, on the single big of his platform he does tout for that matter) he simply continues playing into this hero image of himself in the hopes that this alone will make him president.

And for this folly alone he deserves to be knocked down.

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  1. Jebus… That guy just doesn’t know when to quit, I’m telling you.

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