Republicans Reject DC Voting Rights Bill – Again

Well, Senate Republicans have managed to disgrace themselves yet again by blocking a bill that would give DC its first voting Congressional representative. Despite the support of on-again, off-again maverick Republican Sens Arlen Specter and Orrin Hatch and several other influential Pubs, as well as Republican wanna-be Joe Lieberman, the measure failed for the umpteenth time under the weight of excuses that are getting thinner and more selfish by the day.


Take the rationale offered by Minority Leader, Bush lap-dog, and the 2nd most corrupt politician in Congress, Mitch McConnell.

The Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), and the White House have strongly criticized the legislation. They maintain that, because the District is not a state, the bill violates the constitutional mandate that House members be chosen by the “People of the several States.”

“I opposed this bill because it is clearly and unambiguously unconstitutional,” McConnell said in a statement. “If the residents of the District are to get a member for themselves, they have a remedy: amend the Constitution.”

That’s almost funny. The guy who doesn’t think twice about trashing Constitutional safeguards of our civil liberties by supporting legislation that violates most of the Bill of Rights is suddenly very concerned that an anachronistic technicality written before the District of Columbia even existed should be strictly adhered to. Huh?

OK, so we know where this is coming from: Bush doesn’t want another certain Democratic vote in the House – not that it would make that much difference at the moment – and, as Kyle pointed out yesterday, the Republican leadership seems determined to find every possible way of snubbing black voters. At least we can understand their slimy motivations even if they make us retch.

But then how do we explain Max Baucus, a Democrat from Montana?

Baucus said in a written statement that he opposed the bill because Montana has only one House vote. “If we were to expand the House, Montana’s voice would become less influential,” he said.

Ex-cuuuse me? I’m sorry, would you mind going over that again? The fact that other citizens can vote diminishes your state’s vote and therefore shouldn’t be allowed? Are you fucking serious???

Apparently he is. He actually turned thumbs down on a measure to give some American citizens a vote in the House because he thinks it would somehow hurt the power of his state’s tiny, insignificant vote. Well, like, you know, why don’t we just take the vote away from some people who already have it? If New York’s Reps were non-voting, say, by Baucus’ logic Montana’s vote would become HUGE.

This isn’t just silly, it’s – to use Sally Fields’ expression – god-damned unAmerican.

Meanwhile, Sen John Warner of Virginia voted against the bill for an entirely different reason: he’s crafting a Constitutional Amendment.

Warner said he was drafting a constitutional amendment to provide D.C. residents with representation in Congress.

“My view is that only a constitutional amendment . . . will resolve this issue and thereby avoid interminable litigation flowing from an act of Congress,” he said before the vote.

You think so, John? Really? You want to force the whole country through the process of amending the Constitution just so your party can ignore yet another of its provisions? Spare us.


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