Rudy’s Scare Tactics Might Work

And if they do, that means the president’s speech last night might just have an effect as well.  Whatever the case, it would seem as though America is still held under the thrall of Terror Management Theory, all efforts to drag us out of such a lull seemingly falling to no avail.

I’ve written more than extensively on Terror Management Theory and other effects the politics of fear have not only on us as individuals, but also as a weakened and maleable electorate.  The short of it is pretty simple, the same people that are up on their podiums day in and day out preaching about terrorists and terrorism and how we’re all going to die soon unless we trust in them, are also the same politicians that stand to reap the most rewards in doing so.

Giuliani, from day one, knew exactly where his meal ticket was.

For the entirety of the campaign everything in camp Rudy revolved around 9/11, and the fact that he was mayor at the time.  Thus far, he has largely been able to dodge the criticisms he deserves during that time, including the stunning denouncement by the International Association of FireFighters (who incidentally opted to endorse Senator Dodd for president).

Instead, his portrait as a strong and principled leader during the most horrific event of recent American history has for the most part endured.  Meanwhile, it has been a part of the centerpiece of his campaign to insist that if Democrats were to take control of the White House, we will all die.

I’m not kidding, you can make this stuff up, but thanks to Rudy, no one has to.

Right minded folks all over have been someone dumbfounded by the degree of Rudy’s campaign rhetoric.  Those of us who are versed in the concepts of Terror Management Theory and Fear Politics have sat on the sidelines and hoped for all we’re worth that we’ve learned our lesson as a country and won’t be duped by such things again.

Boy howdy were we setting ourselves up for disappointment.

As it turns out, according to a Fox News poll (yeah, I know, I know, but given all the circumstances, I’m actually apt to believe this one), Rudy beats Hillary Clinton by a fourteen point margin in the case of who we would want as our President following a terrorist attack.

This despite the fact that Rudy’s actual response to the 9/11 attack was not all it was cracked up to be, leading to the major Firefighter union mentioned above denouncing him in the presidential election.  On top of that, he continues to oversimplify the state of terrorism in the world today, proving he’s the LAST guy we want in charge of the Union ESPECIALLY because of his stance on terrorism.

This is only exacerbated by his egocentric world view, as well as his revisionist take on history decidedly backwards take on foreign affairs.

In truth, and people better start getting this through their heads, Rudy is a joke.  He’s not even a smarter version of Bush, just a less nuanced one, and that should scare just about anyone more than a hypothetical terrorist attack.  It does me.

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