Shhhh… You’ll Ruin It

So, for those remaining three of you who still aren’t exactly sure where exactly Fox gets its bread buttered, last night’s little censoring caper should do the trick.

I’ll admit, I didn’t watch the Emmys; I don’t even really watch television, why on Earth would I watch an awards show about it? Well it goes to show you really don’t know what you might miss. Those who were watching them live on Fox would have seen this when actress Sally Field stepped on stage to receive her Emmy (by the way, she’s SIXTY?!?! Wow)

Now, I have to admit, when I first read the headlines, I was expecting this to be a little overblown, she probably sweared on stage and they had to bleep her. But it goes a little deeper than that. The words you may have missed were, “God-damned wars in the first place!”

Now, I know what you may be thinking. She said God-damned, that’s why they had to take it out, right? Well, according Tom O’Neill, that’s simply not true. According to a recent FCC ruling, god damn is a-okay.

Oh… So it was unnecessary for them to censor, but they did. And instead of bleeping just the “profanity” they took out the whole sentence. Considering that no bleeping was necessary in the first place, it almost makes one think that perhaps there was a different motive completely; especially with an actual mother running for the White House; kinda like a forceful admonishment from the good folks of Fox to our Ms. Field.

“Shhhh… Don’t tell people that, you’ll ruin it for those of us who LIKE war!”

 Update: Big thanks to our friends over at the GTL for linking in. Same goes for the the Heretik, thanks.

4 Responses to “Shhhh… You’ll Ruin It”

  1. mick says:

    The FCC’s ruling last year that profanity could mean heavy fines – much heavier than those levied against a corporation whose negligence results in an employee’s death, I should add, the former being on average $6000 and the later up to $250K for each separate incidence – provides pretty heavy cover if an unFox-friendly (translation: unBush/Republican-friendly) speaker happens to mix a “damn” or “hell” into a political statement. They can always put the blame on the FCC’s unpredictability and lack of consistency in deciding what is or is not acceptable.

    Of course, the FCC has been pretty consistent, not in its word-monitoring but in its choices of who to fine. NPR has been under the gun virtually since the rule’s inception while cable networks have, in general, been ignored.

    The Emmy Committee ought to ban Fox from ever again getting the awards show or we’re liable to see a lot more political censorship masquerading as profanity/values control.

  2. Here’s my big question; how is it that the same people who have cornered the market on tough talk actually turn out to be wimps? Why do people keep buying this.

    (Oh, and will reply to your comment when I get to work on our ongoing debate lower down)

  3. Laura says:

    …I’m getting a headache… Everybody tune in to that wall-to-wall coverage of the protest march in Washington over the weekend? That’s ok, I couldn’t find it on any of my 5 million channels either. Thank heavens the ‘Flying Nun’ was muzzled as well; I almost thought our country was involved in some kind of unpopular military skirmish somewhere. Sheesh.

  4. War protest? Sheesh, couldn’t GET it off my television (that’s to say, if I turned the thing on I bet there was so much coverage by the liberal media I couldn’t avoid it…)


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