Something Light for a Saturday Night: Don’t Stop the Party, Macswain’s Still Up!

Sorry to interrupt the Ron Paul sit-in that’s taking place in response to Mick’s post, but hey it’s Saturday night and time for a few tunes that even the Ron Paul supporters might enjoy during their policing of the internet.

Before the tunes though, here’s a big thanks to Kevin Drum who is the latest to join the long list of conservative and progressive bloggers to support our fund raising effort. You may have noticed that for his good deed, Kevin was rewarded with a little karma.  His USC Trojans survived a scare tonight in Seattle, holding on to beat the Washington Huskies 27-24. Hey, you too can earn such karma by simply throwing a coin in the fountain.

For those of you new to this blog, on Saturday nights, some of us will typical put the political analysis aside for a moment and throw up some video clips of the music we enjoy. I see that Kyle weighed in with his picks last night. Unfortunately, he was in a bad mood and it showed in his choices. My take: “Yikes! For god’s sake Kyle, snap out of your funk. I normally love your picks, brother, but I think I could go the rest of my life without hearing those two droners again.” But hey, taste in music is surely subjective.

Anyway, I’m the sole West Coast blogger on this team and that usually means, I own the night. So here are my picks to celebrate the continuing success of the fund raiser, a wildly fabulous day of great college football games (Oklahoma got exposed as a pretender to the crown!!!) or for whatever joy this Saturday brought to you.

My first selection to keep your party rocking is a live performance from the not-yet-big-in-America Manu Chao (his latest is available at the great indy download site – emusic).

For your after party chill, I’m going to sell out and put up a selection from an artist who is quickly becoming a household name due to the most recent ipod commercial. Here’s Feist with My Moon, My Man.

Oh, fuck it! You can have 1 2 3 4 too.

10 Responses to “Something Light for a Saturday Night: Don’t Stop the Party, Macswain’s Still Up!”

  1. matttbastard says:

    Will be seeing Feist live in December (with the Great Lake Swimmers, another great Canadian band you should check out).

  2. matttbastard says:

    And yes, being a Canuck music g33k, I remember when she played geetar for By Divine Right (and still went under ‘Leslie’)–alas, no vids up on YouTube, which is surprising, actually, since they made a number of clips.

    Ah well– from Feist’s homegrrrl, Peaches.

  3. Macswain says:


    It seems like half the great music being made right now is coming out of Canada – Arcade Fire, Stars, New Pornographers, Broken Social scene, etc. Even my main girl – Neko Case – left to Tacoma to hone her chops uo in Vancouver, B.C.

  4. Yup, yall just sunk my indie cred battle ship.

    To be honest… I’m a little surprised it took this long.

    Though, you’ll be happy to know I’m no longer in my funk. Fear not, no Staind posts.

  5. Macswain says:

    Kyle, Glad your out of your funk. I bet the link from Kevin helped. BTW – I dig Staind’s first album.

    Matty, your Peaches link isn’t working. Being from the Pacific Northwest, here’s the only Peaches I know.

  6. Macswain says:

    Actually Kyle, I should say I’m pretty pissed at you. I just learned you’ve been given handlers. Well, where the hell are my handlers? Is it that Mikey likes you better? Well, you can tell him from me that I’m going to pitch an effing fit unless I get me some handlers PRONTO!!!

  7. Oh man… And the handlers are AWESOME! When they handle, it’s not metaphorical…

    and no vaseline, we’re talking the expensive lotions and everything.

  8. matttbastard says:

    Here is the PROPA Peaches link. Dunno what happened before.

    Yeah, we seem to have finally been forgiven for Celine Dion and Bryan Adams.

    Keep an eye out for The Two Minute Miracles – they have a new album coming out (am hopefully going to the record release party). Main TMM man Andy Magoffin has produced hot shit records by The Constantines and The Hidden Cameras, among others.

    Hopefully they’re gonna be the ‘next big thing’, whatever that means any more.

    Ahh, Neko – le awesome. Another blast from the past, since you mentioned the Divine Ms Case AND Van City in the sentence – Mint Records FTW.

    Oh, and I’m not sure if this New Pr0nographers vid was released stateside, but it’s a cover of a CanRock classic by Toronto (from the FUBAR soundtrack).

  9. matttbastard says:

    Ok, last post tonight – should’ve hit the sack two hours ago.

    The Constantines – Working Full Time

    The Constantines – Thunderstruck (live)

    The Hidden Cameras – Death of a Tune

    bonus: Young Galaxy – Outside The City (if you like BSS you MUST get this – one of my favourite Arts & Crafts acts, and one of the best singles/videos of the year).

  10. mick says:

    Yeah, we seem to have finally been forgiven for Celine Dion and Bryan Adams.

    Don’t count on it.

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