Something Light For A Saturday Night: Pop Punk Rocks!

It’s Saturday, so you know the deal, we’re diggin’ in crates and bringing some tunes, and I gotta say, I actually ran into some disappointment, but I picked myself up, dusted off, and I think recovered well, so let’s get it started.

Now my theme for this weekend was supposed to be new stuff that really caught my ear; lately I’ve had a tendancy to stick with older, safer stuff lately.  Unfortunately, the first band that I wanted to feature, the specific song I couldn’t find a decent video beyond really bad concert bootlegs, so I passed.  But we at Comments do not quit at the slightest hint of adversity, and I went diving back into the stacks.

Recently, my brother in law came to visit us and we did some musical sharing of sorts.  He reintroduced me to Bowling For Soup, and I have to admit that their videos are pretty addictive.  Then I saw something that I really couldn’t believe. What follows is a cover, and it is friggin AWESOME, made more impressive by the fact that I couldn’t STAND the original (mainly because I can’t stand Fergie, but there you go).

So our first video of the week is Fergie’s London Bridge, as performed by Bowling For Soup:

Whew. That catastrophy averted, we were back on track. The second video is one I picked up a couple of weeks ago and have not been able to get out of my head since. This girl’s voice is ridiculous, especially for the punk princess genre. On top of that, you know, you can only listen to so much punk princess stuff until you get kinda over it, but I think one thing that really gets me about this one is that there’s definitely a little more bite than what you might be used to.

But where my first selection provided me with not enough options, for this song there was the official video, and two acoustic live versions, both of them fabulous. But in the end I opted to give you guys the full on electricity and power chord busting video.

Paramore, performing, Misery Business:

Well, that’s about it for this week. Keep rockin out and I’ll be back next week, with what? I have no idea, but we’ll burn that bridge when we get there.


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