Something Light For A Saturday Night: Two Songs With Nothing In Common

Hey, just stopping by for a quick few to drop my musical offering for this Saturday, then I have to go back to keeping my little ones from tearing my house apart. It’s priorities folks… Priorities, and you know how we at Comments do when it comes to music.

The first offering is one of my favorite songs and it’s as obscure as hell. In fact, unless you were a fan of the old Angel TV series, you probably have never heard of either the song or the performer. Still, Christian Kane is a talented musician… if you’re into Rock,Country ballads. In either case, his song “LA Song” is a beautiful song that is classic of California Rock; melodic, rueful, like a terrible hangover set to a beautiful sunrise.

Next up is from a band called Rise Against that really got people’s heads turning with an acoustic ditty called “Swing”. But people expecting the band to be a kind of soft, listen to whilst holding someone’s hand on a porch swing, kinda band were wrong. Here’s their latest hit single, “Prayer of the Refugee”

Finally, I just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by Comments lately. We’ve been seem some great growth here, thanks in part to the addition of some excellent new writers who we’re more than pleased to have! Take care of yourselves this weekend, and, if you can’t drag yourselves away from politics, keep coming back here since, from the looks of it, we’re gonna be cookin straight on through!

Otherwise, I’ll see yall bright and early Monday morning.

One Response to “Something Light For A Saturday Night: Two Songs With Nothing In Common”

  1. Macswain says:

    I hadn’t heard either of your picks before but I dug both of them. Good call.

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