Something Light For A Saturday Night: Wake Up And Smell It!

It’s Saturday evening and time for our weekly musical updates. Next week, I plan on showcasing a new band I just recently heard, and their current hit will not extract itself from my head for the life of me. But that’s for next week. For this week, well, I’ve been waiting for the official video to release for months now, and since it has, we’re going to take a quick peek into my morning routine.

See, I usually don’t put the blog down and go to bed until one, but the kids are up and at em sometimes before seven, so mornings can be, as you can imagine, painful, and I need something to get the blood going. With wife and kids shoved out the door, my ritual begins with, as you can probably guess, music.

While I’m very ecclectic, my first song of the day is no place for variety, instead, I usually play one of two songs that gets me in the mood to go after the wingnuts, neocons, Religious Right, and whoever the hell else gets in my way!

The first actually comes from a band that I absolutely hate. Linkin Park is, in my opinion, vastly over produced and highly over rated. No member of the band is particularly exceptional in what they do in any way shape or form, and they are getting credit for a style of music that preceded them by at least ten years. All that being said, this latest song from them hits my early morning juice centers particularly hard and earned it a place of honor in my morning routine.

I give you, “Bleed it Out”:

Still, while I like the song, it’s minor league compared to what’s next. When I need to dig deep, when I need to get ready to call these rightwing bastards out on the carpet but hard, there’s no music quite like Aesop’s new release. Aesop Rock has proven he’s a gifted emcee, but this track is simply ridiculous. The only reason I’ve not posted it until now is because the official video has not been released until just recently, and the live performance sound quality was crap. But now it’s out, it’s hot, and it’s time to get your head bobbin and your hands up to Aesop Rock’s latest, “None Shall Pass”

“And I will remember your name and face,
On the day you were judged by a funhouse cast,
And I will rejoice inj your fall from grace,
With a cane to the sky like None Shall Pass”

I hear that chorus alone and I’m ready to go. I’m telling you!

Anyway, that’s that. Stay tuned this weekend though as I still intend to write up an important political piece on my home state of Virginia over the next day or so. Anyone into horse race needs to check it out.

Thanks and have a good weekend.

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