Something Light for a Saturday Night: Who’s Working the Night Shift?

Well, that’d be Macswain, of course.

And I’ve got something for all.

Kyle wants women who really rock. No problem … got you covered.

Matty’s into favorite geographic reasons … here’s a band from the very best region; the one you inadvertently left off your list. Hint – it’s the region my ass is sitting in.

I, of course, like to post the occasional tune with a message to our Righty friends.

So, here’s Sleater Kinney with You’re No Rock ‘n Roll Fun.

2 Responses to “Something Light for a Saturday Night: Who’s Working the Night Shift?”

  1. matttbastard says:

    Good choice – Sleater-Kinney (RIP) was my favourite PNW group EVAR (well, next to Team Dresch–Personal Best is, hands down, the best punk record of the 90s, and Captain, My Captain saved my life–twice). Hell, I even had Calculated by Heavens to Betsy and Such Friends Are Dangerous by Excuse 17 (purchased before S-K was even a snowflake baby of an idea /college rock nerd).

    Oh, and I cried for days when S-K broke up.

    Gee, thanks a whole hell of a lot for reopening old wounds. Let’s hope a reunion tour is announced before I bleed to death.


    (Now I wish I’d never sold all my old CDs. Damn you, Napster.)

  2. matttbastard says:

    A little Team Dresch – just because I’m feeling all nostalgic and stuff. Maybe later I’ll put up some Mecca Normal.


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