“The War” by Ken Burns

Just a reminder.  Ken Burns’ new documentary about WWII – “The War” – starts tonight.  Be sure to set your clocks, tivos, whatever.  This is the opposite of a crap TV night.

5 Responses to ““The War” by Ken Burns”

  1. I’ve had the DVR set for a week.

  2. xranger says:

    First episode was kinda slow.

  3. Yea, but it is Ken Burns so I expected as much. It was still very good in my humble opinion. I like the way he chose to follow the effects of the war on the people of four towns. This is a perspective I have not seen prior.

  4. Bruce Bowe says:

    Pretty good, but not great. I really like the footage that is *not* new to me. Granted, I’ve seen most of this.
    The music volume is inappropriate and interferes with the impact of this very serious subject. We have *almost* decided to not watch the rest of it because of the obnoxious music. We just watched the segment on D-day. Good, but watching Private Ryan would tell you more about how it really was. There are some huge omissions in the series, some mistakes, and some editorializing. Too bad. We expected more. Something like his series on baseball or the Civil War, both of which were totalling riveting.

  5. I ran into this essay that I think makes a great point about how Iran is not an imminent crisis by comparing Iran to the threat that the Axis Powers presented to the west in the 1940’s as documented by Ken Burn’s “The War:”


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