The “WTF” Story of the Day

From ABC News: “China Agrees to Lead Paint Ban”

You’re kidding me.  There wasn’t one in place until now.  I guess this is what we should expect when we place the protection of our kids in the hands of the rightwing corporitistas.

One Response to “The “WTF” Story of the Day”

  1. Laura says:

    You know the market forces; self-correcting. We’ve got nothing to worry about because once people start to get sick and die, the market responds. It’s going so well that we’re going to ignore regulations and maintenance of our infrastructure as well. OK, a few problems with bridges, roads, air and water quality, but once again, when people start to get sick and die, things will be corrected. (Unfortunately, my neighbors think the Chinese are just trying to kill and there’s nothing we can do. We need our low, low everyday prices… ) Help!!

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