Time for Crap TV – I’ll Be Watching

Tonight, the new crap TV season gets underway in earnest with the debuts of Kid Nation and Gossip Girl.

I actually have high expectations for Kid Nation.  You know the show will be edited so that you’re routing for the good kid over the asshole kid.  Undoubtedly, there will be all sorts of archetypes represented throughout the group.  As for media rants of child exploitation, I say … please.  The media has for years exploited the likes of kids – MacCauley Culkin, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake – for profit for years.  Its not what happens on the show that will do these kids any damage; it will be how they can handle the fame and money that comes from doing the show.  Unless you’re willing to speak out against under-18 celebrities, you can’t bitch about this show.  This kids will be richer than you or I ever will be.

Gossip Girl appears to be the new OC.  Now, I’m secure enough to admit that The OC was a Macswain guilty pleasure.  The OC proved that a goofy storyline can always be saved by a great tune at the right moment.  And with that, I’ll tell you that the success of the Gossip Girl will largely turn on whether they can get a person as good as selecting great tunes for the show as was the God or Goddess that did the job for The OC.  It’s shallow, but that’s mindless entertainment for you.

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