Truly UnAmerican

I’m not prone towards calling people unAmerican. It’s just not my way. I look to our rights of Free Speech and Expression, and I look to the ideals of this country that at least strive to not persecute someone based on their political leanings or religion and realize that it would be difficult for someone who can be counted as an American Citizen to be unAmerican.

But when this very concept is challenged, that to me is unAmerican. To stifle dissent, that’s unAmerican. To exhibit the sheer gall to declare the enemies of your ideological assertions enemies not only of you, but enemies of the state, that, my friends, is truly unAmerican.

I present to you Snooper, whose unAmerican rant against the left you’ll have to scroll down to get to. Don’t mind all the self promotion and such, like any good capitalist, Snooper apparently believes in shameless self promotion on the cheap before getting to anything of “substance”.

And when I say substance, I mean that with the utmost disdain:

After reading the most recent OBL transcript, I cannot tell who is listening to whom or who is parroting whom. Can you? If one cannot discern the intent of the transcript, mores the pity. If one agrees with the verbiage of the transcript, they are my enemy.

Why are they my enemy? Because the words of my enemy are the words of my enemy and those that agree with the words of my enemy, by default, support and agree with my enemy, therefore, siding with my enemy. That makes them my enemy. If those that agree with OBL’s recent message are American citizens, they have become enemies withing, subversive, seditious and treasonous enemies…domestic enemies. Plain and simple.

The first 7 paragraphs are ramblings of a fool…perhaps even psychotic.

He, or someone in his stead, sounds just like our own fruit loops whining about capitalism and democracy failing. Democracy, in its purest form is anarchy and it is indeed a guarantee to fail. He is nearly correct in that for generations, the socialists have tried to steer the country away from being the Federal Republic it once was based on Judeo-Christian norms.

The person in the video sounds just like Hillary, Kennedy and Biden and many others. He asks why the Democrats have failed to end the war. That is simple. The majority of Americans have spoken…that is why and the Democrats lied themselves into office. That much is plain and simple.

OBL mentions Rumsfeld’s “war crimes. Is he parroting The Jurist or is The Jurist parroting our enemies?

OBL is “disappointed” with the Democratic Party leadership when it comes to stopping the war. He even quotes them or, are they quoting him?

At the onset this smacks of the fear of knowledge I wrote about last week. It is this willful ignorance that I have found so terribly dangerous. To summarize here, because Osama bin Laden says it, it must be firstly untrue, and secondly treasonous to agree with any of it. By this logic, should bin Laden come out and say that the sky is blue, Snooper would obviously take up the point that it is in fact green, and anyone who disagrees is an unabashed traitor who should be summarily shot.

I have little tolerance for such words. And all this for a video that might not even be authentic as Booman reports.

Like Snooper, I too have read the transcript of the Osama bin Laden tape, and you can too right here. Personally, I’m not afraid to admit that on occasion, bin Laden gets a few things right. Have us policies been greatly influenced by the mujahadeen? Of course they have.

Author of the book, American Torture, Michael Otterman, whose blog you can check out here, discusses in his book the emergence of the state following a large scale terrorist attack. This is essentially the knee jerk reaction of federal governments to reinforce their authority following the kind of attack that leaves the entire populace in fear. When people are afraid, it professes, they are willing to give more power to those that govern.

America has proven to be a text book example in this case with the adoption of the Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping, torture policies in Guantanimo and elsewhere, and our willingness to outsource some of the heavier torture work to countries that have no qualms with such things. There can be no denying that in order to feel safer, we have willingly allowed our government to tresspass not only on our own rights, but upon the rights of others. The reason? 9/11.

Which goes to an assertion I make frequently here, and that is that the moment that Bush declared a War on Terror in the first place, he essentially handed Osama bin Laden a victory. Bush changed the course of US policy, and if the goal of terrorism is to affect the political sphere through terror inducing means, then in this case, the terror worked. Further, we have, among Islamic extremists, put bin Laden on a pedistal, and our invasion of Iraq has only worsened the matter exponentially.

The only way, perhaps, for us to have succumbed to bin Laden’s wishes more fully would be for us to declare Islam the official national religion.

This turning of US policy following 9/11 was greatly facilitated by the very sentiments offered by Snooper’s post in the first place. This idea that if you disagree with the president, you are yourself unAmerican, despite the single fact that at times of great conflict, at times when the path ahead is particularly perilous, dissent is perhaps the most American trait of all.

Had the dissent in this country been taken seriously, and not treated with contempt, we would have acted in the time following 9/11 with prudence. We would have not invaded Iraq as the intelligence community had more than enough dissent within its ranks to discredit the cause for war, and perhaps we would have, as’s John Soltz is still trying to champion, gone after bin Laden in Afghanistan, as opposed to outsourcing that work to locals and moving on to our ill-fated campaign in Mesopotamia.

The message then would have been a powerful one. If you attack us, we will find you, and bring you to justice, but make no mistake, you will not change America. Sadly, this message was never sent, and we on the left are still waiting.

But I digress.

There are more than a few factually correct occurrences within bin Laden’s speech. To deny them is dangerous, to accuse those who recognize these facts of treason is outright unAmerican. And yet, this is what the so-called American Loving Snooper does. Of the bin Laden tape he says, “The person in the video sounds just like Hillary, Kennedy and Biden and many others.”

But here’s the rub, and we know this from bin Laden’s previous speeches. He is not a wholesale liar. Not everything that comes out of his mouth is a falsehood. Instead, what he does is he cleverly uses truths to forward his own malicious agenda, and he does the same here.

He provides a largely historically factual account of things to date, and then uses it to denounce both capitalism and democracy, things that Hillary, Kennedy, and Biden actually seem to foster. In fact, as Mad Money personality Jim Cramer explains, Hillary also seems to be pretty decent in regards to capitalism:

Okay, so he likes Romney more, but still, did you catch that, of the Clintons Cramer actually thinks they’re pretty good as far as corporate growth is concerned.

Very interesting. I thought Hillary Clinton was a bin Laden follower who wanted to destroy both our democracy and our capitalism. Damn, I guess Snooper was wrong there.

In fact, Snooper is just plain wrong. You see, while I cede bin Laden factual correctness in places through his speech, I do disagree with him widely on his views of democracy, capitalism, and even religious freedom.

In regards to religious freedom, it is important to note that founding fathers Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were not Christians, but in fact Deists who looked upon the Church with a great deal of skepticism and cynicism. It is for this reason they were so careful in the construct of our constitution to prevent mandating one religious doctrine over another within our government. In a book I shall be reviewing for you folks later this week, Ellery’s Protest, we are treated to our own religious history, and in so doing realize that America intentionally moved away from establishing a government sanctioned church essentially to avoid the oppression that the colonists felt in England which helped start America in the first place. As our population grew more diverse, the separation of Church and State became increasingly vital to our livelihood as a nation.

As for capitalism, perhaps the greatest thing about capitalism is that it provides where no other system does the potential for mobility within classes. Capitalism is the cure for oppressive feudalism as well as the inertia of communism. This is, after all, the American dream, one wherein someone who grows up in the poorest of neighborhoods can, through hard work and determination, lift oneself up from the doldrums from whence he came. Though it is important to also understand that this capitalism cannot go unchecked for if it does, it too has the potential to turn into an oppressive system, only instead this oppression does not come at the hands of the ruling class, but of the corporate class.

This is not to say that capitalism is evil, very far from it. It just means that it needs a little tweaking from time to time to allow for that class mobility, you know, to keep the dream alive.

And finally, democracy. This is what Snooper doesn’t get, and apparently neither does Bush.

GOV. GEORGE W. BUSH (R-TX), PRESIDENT-ELECT: I told all four that there were going to be some times where we don’t agree with each other. But that’s OK. If this were a dictatorship, it’d be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator

This is not what democracy is about. Democracy is not, as Snooper would want it, about a homogenous consensus. It’s about majorities and pluralities. It’s about dissenting voices and opposing ideas, and for the love of America it’s about debate! It’s about people disagreeing and working through the problems until the best possible solution derived from reasoned thought is arrived upon. But that’s not what Snooper and those of his ilk want. They know they are right. You will not hear from them the words I so often write, “I don’t know.” They know, or at least they think they do, and any disagreement from this knowledge is considered outright criminal.

This is not American, and it is not democratic; it’s facist. It’s totalitarianism. And aside from ACTUALLY being the kind of stuff that plays into the hands of terrorist organizations, it has no place in the American debate.

6 Responses to “Truly UnAmerican”

  1. Snooper says:

    Thanks for the plug!!

    Just remember, your days are numbered as a viable force.

    Your side has so invested in defeat that it has come back to bite you in your fleshy parts.

    Have fun in your plunge into the bowels of the Abyss of Obscurity.

  2. Macswain says:

    Is Snooper real or are we being Onion’d?

  3. Er… Um… Right. Exactly what I would expect from an unAmerican such as yourself. Of course, if I was in this for myself, I would care about plunging into the “bowels of the Abyss of Obscurity” but I’m not and I don’t.

    You see, I do this because I believe in the idea of America as it is, not as your addled group think brain sees it. You see, what I represent is a voice of dissent, the same kind of voice of dissent that resulted in the American Revolution, the same kind of voice of dissent that had a heavy hand in the construct of our democratic government you hold so much disdain for, and essentially the voice of dissent that your unilateral arrogance is threatened by.

    If Iraq turns into a success, I will cheer. But I don’t see it happening. Further, for as long as the administration is more concerned with raising public opinion for its failed policies as opposed to listening to dissent beyond the impact it would have on Republicans’ future prospect at reelection in order to develop new policies that work, I foresee Iraq continuing to be a mess indefinitely.

    This isn’t about who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s about knowledge, and acquiring knowledge, and actually using that knowledge, that’s what the debate about Iraq is really about right now.

    But not for you.

    There’s a lot of people saying if you do various things, then Terrorists win, but you, sir, are an example of one of the very few things that actually fit the label. You, sir, who accuse patriots excercising their Constitutionally protected right of free speech of sedition, are among the few playing into the hands of terrorist.

    It is you, sir, with your call to stop all dissent, who is among those that weaken this country.

    And keep this in mind, if, as you say, our days as a viable force are in fact numbered, the day the voice of dissent dies, I want you to look at the American Flag, and the ideals that it represents, and I want you to know that YOU helped killed them. That YOU helped bring about an end to the America that I swore to protect for ten years.

    I disagree with many people, and get in heated debates with quite a few of them, but there are a very few whom I feel morally bankrupt, foul, and unAmerican to the fullest extent. Congratulations, you are now counted among them.

  4. No Mac, he’s real. Feel free to fire away.

    And to the Snooper. I want this made clear as a postscript. I enjoy debate. If you are willing to drop your ridiculous claims against the anti-war left whom also are counted among your fellow American citizens, then I welcome that. My grievance is, at this time, solely with your disgusting claims.

  5. matttbastard says:

    Have fun in your plunge into the bowels of the Abyss of Obscurity.

    Make sure to wear your rubbers (take that any way you like, Kyle).

  6. I’m at a loss. Seriously at a complete and total loss. It’s like, there’s so much open there… too much… too much choice… brain now hurts…



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