Update On Camp Fred; It Might Take More Than A Miracle

Just a few hours ago I wrote that the many problems inside the Fred Thompson campaign were creating a situation where it would take a miracle for Fred to overcome and win the GOP nomination. As it turns out, miracle might be an understatement.

According to the National Review Online, the recent departure of Jim Mills from the campaign could have even worse implications than previously thought:

Jim Mills’ departure from the Thompson campaign is actually even bigger than it looks. Not that Thompson couldn’t function without Mills — he only been in the office for a week, I understand — but the aftershocks are huge.

You’re seeing complaints like this, from the innermost of Thompson’s inner circle, as told to Fox News:

When Thompson appears on Jay Leno tonight it will mark the campaigns complete repudiation of a new media campaign strategy and announcement plan that the original Fredheads had designed over several months and finalized in August. More resignations of key founding Fredheads are coming. Soon NONE of the people who got the buzz started in March may remain.

Thompson did Leno in June and numerous senior aides said at the time he would “never return to Hollywood to announce — that’s what McCain did! We won’t use video, that’s what Hillary did. We will let Fred be Fred. We are launching from the (Grand Ole) Opry then hitting New Hampshire and Iowa.”


Now they are copying both McCain and Hilary by appearing on Leno and a video. The original Fredheads are no longer angry or frustrated; most have been fired already or given up.

Here’s the thing: there are only a handful of folks who would count as key founding Fredheads, maybe two handfuls if you use a looser definition. I’ve eliminated a few suspects; one Fredhead who I suspected said he wasn’t the source for the Fox quote, but that “this has changed things.” When asked what happened that gets a guy like Mills out of a job after a week, the response was, “People are callous… this is a Washington power play. You’ve seen people do this.”


But hey, that Fred guy… he’s got some principles.





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