Vigilantly Stoned

In line with our global reputation, CBC News reports that nearly 200 Canadian soldiers have been kept from deployment to Afghanistan due to positive drug tests, primarily for marijuana use.

I don’t have a punchline, other than 9/11 didn’t change everything.

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  1. Macswain says:

    I’ll guaran-damn-tee you Bush won’t let any Americans out for getting stoned. He’d have a hazy revolution on his hands.

  2. Actually, yeah Mac… You do get booted and pretty quickly for getting stone. There are random drug tests, FREQUENT random drug tests in our military, and popping positive results in getting booted with mad swiftness.

    I know, one of my good friends from the Ike killed himself because he popped positive weeks before he was supposed to be honorably discharged.

  3. Federal employees, let me just add really quick, enjoy a much less stringent drug policy. They must suspect you use drugs first, and then they give you like a thirty day warning before hand.

  4. Although this story was published by CBC on Sept 11 and by CanWest on Sept 12, the facts facts about the 250 Canadian troops not going to Afghanistan because of failed drug tests was first reported by Politics Watch News in August.

    Drug testing in the military was part of a larger feature “Are Canadian politicians and public servants on drugs?” that was published on August 29, 2007. This Politics Watch special report examined drug testing policies for Canada’s military, bureaucrats and political staffers. It also looked at drug testing in US government and politics. Just how little scrutiny there is in Canada may surprise you.

    It is well worth the read. Find the full feature here:

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