Which Way Will He Go?

This Spring was about when the rumors started flying.   Exacerbated by dinner sightings of New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, and Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel, Bloomberg/Hagel08 (or possibly the other way around) seemed like a very real possibility.

News in the following weeks would only fan these flames as we learned that state AG Jon Bruning had planned to run against Hagel regardless if Hagel was shooting for another reelection bid or not, and Mayor Bloomberg announced his departure from the GOP.

And then news kind of died down, at least until now.  11:00 am EST in Omaha Nebraska, Senator Chuck Hagel will finally announce his political intentions.

While such news may reignite the spark of a Hagel/Bloomberg 08 ticket, I wouldn’t be quite so quick to place bets.

For one thing, there has been pretty much no engagement by either man since the rumors were still in bloom back in spring.  Further, it looks more as though if Bloomberg were to seek higher office, it would be as Governor of New York as opposed to the presidency.

While not altogether impossible, it is improbable in my mind that the dynamic duo are ready for a run on the White House, or if they are at this point, I think they may be waiting until January.

What I do find very probable, however, is that Hagel will likely announce that he will not seek reelection.  We know that he is not fond of the idea of being a career politician.

TPM Election Central has more:

Hagel already faces pro-war primary challenges from Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning, businessman Pat Flynn, and former Congressman Hal Daub — though in an ironic twist, having that many Republican challengers could actually help him if he is seeking re-election.

If Hagel does not run, former Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey might seek a comeback, and would be a favorite to win the seat. If Kerrey does not run, Democrats have also been courting Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey. Neither of them will run if Hagel does.

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