While You’re Watching Patraeus

While the nation turns its eyes to DC and the testimony General Patraeus delivers to congress, allow me to redirect your attention back to Iraq for a moment.

IEDs account for about 80% of the violence against US forces in Iraq, a number that should not be lost on you when you take into consideration the fact that IEDs do not factor into the calculus that is used by Patraeus et al in making their claims that there is less violence in Iraq.

But while IEDs have proven to be one of the most deadly aspects of Iraq right now, there is a new weapon for our troops to be wary of:

Although improvised explosive devices have until now been responsible for the majority of US casualties in Iraq, a new, armor-piercing hand grenade may pose an even greater threat.

CBS News reports that the Russian-made device is light enough to be thrown by a single insurgent standing alongside a road and is equipped with a parachute so that it falls vertically on its target and can take out even armored vehicles.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq has been eager to take credit for the use of these grenades, but the US Army is now confirming losses to the weapons as well.

2 Responses to “While You’re Watching Patraeus”

  1. appalachianpride says:

    Is it blackmail, bribery, extortion or all of the above? Can’t the people see that Bush’s spying is only for his own security not ours. He is blackmailing everyone who gets in his way. I smell extortion. The mix is right.

  2. Or plain out bullheadedness. It’s tough to say.

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