Your “Liberal” Media Rides Again!

This is a straight, cut & paste piece, but I think this blurb Josh received from a reader points out an inconsistency in the media that has all the stink of “its 2000 again”:

Last night, news broke that the FBI had been taping phone calls placed to the senior Republican in the United States Senate as part of a bribery investigation stretching back more than a year. In fact, the man alleged to have bribed the senator is cooperating with investigators, and the calls recorded included some he placed at the FBI’s behest.

The Washington Post, always eager to cover political stories of national import, ran the news on page A10. Most papers gave it similar prominence, if they ran the item it at all.

Contrast that to the (admittedly luried) tale of Norman Hsu, fronted by papers around the nation. That was a case of a major donor to Democratic figures who turned out (unbeknownst to the politicians to whom he donated) to be a crook and a fraud. That’s big news. But when a businessman who is a major donor to Republican politicians turns out to be a crook and a fraud, and some of the nation’s senior legislators are revealed to have knowingly accepted his bribes and funneled him earmarks in return, it’s hardly worth mentioning.

Where’s the outrage?

I would also add that the Republican briber – Bill Allen – has testified under oath regarding his illegal activities in relation to Ted Stevens. Imagine the outrage if anyone – regardless of credibility or evidence – claimed to have bribed a Clinton.

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  1. mick says:

    That tricky liberal media! Because that’s all it is – a trick. See, they hide stories about knowingly corrupt and powerful Republicans, and put stories about crooked Democratic contributors the candidates may not even have known on the front page just so we’ll think they’re not biased and liberal! The fact that they don’t print the stories about Republicans on page one proves that they’re biased against Republicans!

    But they can’t fool us. We’re onto them.

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