“And Cows Disagree With Me”

by matttbastard

Yeah, Bill Maher is a misogynistic asshat, but just this once he’s pure muthafuckin’ WIN!

Flashback: Matt Taibbi also = WIN!
(h/t unrepentant old hippie)

6 Responses to ““And Cows Disagree With Me””

  1. if this is the video I think it is (and it would have to be given your abhorrence for truthers), I LOVE this video! (Can’t watch it at work, all i see is a white screen). “Do we have any security in here because if we don’t i’ll come down there and kick your ass outta here.”

    Will have to watch when I get home.

  2. You know what, maybe it is like watching a car wreck or something but I can’t miss a Friday night of Maher. The last three weeks in the confines of a Vancouver hotel deprived me of all of my political vices, Hardball, Countdown, CSPAN (except on the web of course) and Friday nights with little Mr. Maher. Thank Reason for HBO E-W-COMEDY-37 whatever the hell itis.

  3. HA! No traditional cable, welcome to my world beyotch!

  4. No wonder you are so ill-informed… 😉

  5. I…


    I have no comeback…


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