Bill Richardson Should Make Senate Run

In breaking news, Chris Cillizza is reporting that New Mexico Senator Pete “Get Me Iglesias’ head” Domenici will retire from the Senate in 2008.

TPM already has an excellent post as to who will run for the open seat. Now, I know Bill Richardson probably has his eye on a spot – VP, Sec of State, etc. – in a new Democratic presidential administration, but isn’t this Senate seat his for the taking? I like Bill Richardson and, in my opinion, he could best help this country by running for the United States Senate.

Run, BRich, Run.

3 Responses to “Bill Richardson Should Make Senate Run”

  1. You know, I caught this, and I think I agree with you. He’s got no chance at the nomination, and to be honest, I think Veep may even be a stretch, there’s definitely not enough star power to the name to make it worth it. Secretary of State, maybe, but to be dead honest, I think congress is where we need our best and brightest right now.

  2. Josh says:

    I think a VP nomination would be very plausible if it’s an Clinton/Obama nomination heading the ticket. But since it will definitely come down to Hillary, I think it’d work really well b/c he’s really the only candidate not to completely lash out on her yet.

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