Brownback To Leave Race

After a completely unremarkable candidacy, Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas is expected to soon announce that he will be leaving the campaign trail.  The information, divulged by a member of the campaign who wished to remain anonymous for the time being, comes following a particularly poor showing in the most recent reporting of campaign fundraising.

Even for the GOP field which has overall been reporting comparably low fundraising numbers in relation to their Democratic counterparts, the $800,000 in Brownback’s most recent reporting is considerably paltry and would make it virtiually impossible for Brownback to make up necessary ground in the short time left before voters first head to the polls to choose a Republican nominee.

Given the bland aspect of Brownback’s campaign, this news is wholely unremarkable, and given his low traction in the polls, no candidate is likely to gain much of an advantage at his expense.  That’s not to say that there is something to be learned from his exodus from the race.

The way I figure it, what support Brownback has been able to achieve comes from two places; Kansas, and socially conservative Republican voters.  This is significant given that the frontrunners in the Republican field are each having a problem in courting the social right in this race.

So while there may be nothing directly remarkable about Brownback’s exit, I do believe that watching where his scant support does go may prove to be a metric as to which of the remaining candidates are capable of finally winning over the all important socially conservative vote.

The alternative is that I also think it likely that Governor Huckabee may be the one to pick up Brownback’s leftovers.  This second theory, should it be proven true, could be another boon for Huckabee who might just well be positioned to suck up the support of all the lowered tiered candidates as they gradually drop from the race, thusly elevating him up finally to the top tier, something he has been threatening to do for some time.

Of course, it could also be that Brownback is completely insignificant, has always been completely insignificant, and that’s why he’s gone nowhere in the race from the beginning.

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