Bush Alienates Europe, Russia, and Cuba on the Same Day

This has to be a record, even for our militant, antagonistic Emperor. Not content with threatening war against Iran, prosecuting an illegal and pointless oil war in Iraq, destroying our credibility around the world with cheap lies and secret torture prisons, and scuttling or ignoring every treaty he gets his grubby fingers on, yesterday he managed to piss off Europe and Russia by insisting that the US needs missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic which he then followed with a cliche-ridden promise to blast Cuba in his next speech, warning that the US “will not accept” a Raul Castro-led govt. Like he’s got anything to say about it.

Or is this his sledge-hammer way of threatening yet another war?

The excuse for the missiles is, naturally, Iran.

“The need for missile defense in Europe is real, and I believe it’s urgent,” Bush said in his remarks at the National Defense University. “Today,” he added, “we have no way to defend Europe against the emerging Iranian threat, so we must deploy a missile defense system there that can.”

“The emerging Iranian threat” of a nuclear capability being largely a figment of his imagination and a ruse to justify the coming attack/invasion of Iran that Cheney all but promised over the weekend, his own Defense Sec begs to differ.

At a separate appearance in Prague, Gates suggested that Russian concerns could be allayed by delaying operation of the Eastern European system until the Iranian missile threat to Europe materialized. “We have not fully developed this proposal,” Gates said, “but the idea was we would go forward with the negotiations, we would complete the negotiations, we would develop the sites, build the sites, but perhaps would delay activating them until there was concrete proof of the threat from Iran.”

Gates and the Fabulous Condi just finished a series of meetings in which they tried to reassure Russia’s Putin that there was no threat to Russia from the proposed missile sights. Putin wasn’t impressed by any promises made by Bush representatives – I can’t imagine why – and demanded that work on the sites be stopped as a condition of cutting back his support of Iran. What Gates lays out in the above quote was basically the (tentative) deal that Putin might agree to accept. That’s almost certainly down the tubes now that Emperor Georgius is on the hustings using words like “urgent”.

Good one, Georgie. You managed to blow your own team out of the water less than a week after they finished their work, supposedly for you and on your behalf, and at the same time you ruined whatever was left of your relationship with an entire continent. How do you do it, man? It’s astounding.

Barely hours later, Bush minions told a gaggle of reporters “on background” that the Emperor is planning a verbal assault specifically aimed at Raul Castro.

President Bush is planning to issue a stern warning Wednesday that the United States will not accept a political transition in Cuba in which power changes from one Castro brother to another, rather than to the Cuban people.

As described by an official in a background briefing to reporters on Tuesday evening, Mr. Bush?s remarks will amount to the most detailed response ? mainly an unbending one ? to the political changes that began in Cuba more than a year ago, when Fidel Castro fell ill and handed power to his brother Ra?l.

The speech, scheduled to be given at the State Department before invited Cuban dissidents, will introduce the relatives of four Cuban prisoners being held for political crimes. A senior administration official said the president wanted to ?put a human face,? on Cuba?s ?assault on freedom.?

(emphasis added)

There are a couple of things going on here and neither of them has much to do with “freedom”. The first is that the dissident Cuban community, once a loyal and reliable Republican support group, have been falling away from the GOP. Like most of the rest of the constituencies that used to buoy up the Pubs, Cubans have been severely disappointed by the Bush Admin’s lack of interest in Cuba after election-year promises that Castro would be dealt with harshly, and that disappointment has translated into weak, luke-warm support. This militant speech is an obvious gambit to bring them back to the fold, as it were. But, once again, his lack of credibility after 7 straight years of breaking virtually every promise he’s ever made to anybody means there’s no guarantee they’ll actually believe what he says. They’ll want to see it backed up with action, and further sanctions aren’t going to mollify them.

The second is the interest of corporate America in doing business with Cuba. As we all know, Bush sees himself as the corporatocracy’s enabler-in-chief. Whatever they want, they get. There has been a raft of corporate executives making visits to Havana the past few years, from agribusiness reps who want to sell food to tech reps who want to sell iPods and computers. They’ve been agitating for an easing of the sanctions against doing business in Cuba, but Bush will never get away with it unless he talks tough enough to a) get the anti-Castro Cubans off his back, b) convince the anti-Communist right-wing in his own party that there will be a regime change, and c) get the media focused on the threats he makes publicly so they’ll ignore the deals he makes privately.

Either that or he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing and will end up pissing off all sides at once. A distinmct possibility.

In any case, Tuesday was a banner day for our boy, a day in which he managed a two-fer if not a hat-trick doing what he does best.

Blowing smoke and alienating anybody with an IQ higher than your average ficus.

2 Responses to “Bush Alienates Europe, Russia, and Cuba on the Same Day”

  1. Yep. Almost as dumb as the Democrats pushing for the anti-Turkey resolution that has resulted in Turket threatening to ivade Iraq. Brilliant! That shold keep us in there several more years.

  2. medvedev says:

    Bush likes to alienate the world as a way to promote warfare which the US profits from financially through arms production.
    Getting along with everyone doesn’t sell many arms does it?

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