Bush: An Equal-Opportunity Screwer

Bush has been having a time for himself the last couple weeks, covering himself in glory nearly every day. From his SCHIP veto last week to his spirited defense of genocide this week, our Dear Leader has fearlessly faced down the dangers that tolerance, justice, compassion, intelligence, and common sense present to the security of insurance companies, war profiteers, genocidal murderers, and hysterical neoconservatives who shiver with terror and start screaming every time they catch sight of their own shadow flickering on a wall – surely it’s an Islamofascist with a bomb hiding under the bed waiting for a chance to impinge on the GOP’s Freedom to Steal.

The Emperor feels their pain.

On the other hand, one of the bennies about being Emperor is that you don’t have to feel anything for anybody if you don’t want to, not even your “friends”. In the last fortnicht, the LA Times reports, His Almighty Magnificence has been having a field day proving it.

The Emperor, who didn’t know what a veto was the first 6 years of his reign, has suddenly discovered what it means and, like every newbie, is going to extremes playing with his new toy. He has threatened to veto not one, not two, but every single spending bill (except for the one that would keep the Iraq occupation chugging along) proposed in either the House or the Senate. Unfortunately for Republicans, those vetoes include their contributions as well as Democratic initiatives.

The Emperor, you see, a firm believer in Grover Norquist’s bathtub analogy, is using the expense of his Oil Occupation of Iraq to justify deep cuts in Federal spending intended for anything else, especially domestic needs. He’s looking for $$4BIL in cuts, actually, and by the very nature of things, some Republican programs have to be on the chopping block, too.

Rep. David Dreier (R-San Dimas) helped engineer a successful bipartisan effort in the House to boost to $460 million the federal funding to reimburse states for jailing illegal immigrants. Bush has proposed no money for the program.


Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.) took to the Senate floor complaining about the president’s proposed $1.6-billion cut in aid to state and local law enforcement at a time when violent crime is on the rise. The Senate next week is expected to approve a bill that would spend $550 million on the Community Oriented Policing Services program, which provides grants for state and local law enforcement agencies. Bush proposed cutting the program to $32 million, from about $500 million. The House has approved $725 million.


Rep. Joe Knollenberg of Michigan, the top Republican on the House Appropriations subcommittee that writes the Department of Housing and Urban Development budget, called proposed cuts to the Community Development Block Grant “unacceptable to any mayor, city council or governor, and unlikely to be agreed to, at least by my conference.”

The White House has pushed for a 20% cut for the block grant program. The House approved more than $3.9 billion, an increase of more than $200 million. The Senate rejected Bush’s proposed cut, but held funding at last year’s $3.7 billion. California receives at least 13% of the funds. Los Angeles County and cities received about $164 million last year.

More than a dozen GOP senators, including some usual Bush allies, have pushed for increased funding for the program, which pays for improvements in impoverished neighborhoods and services to the poor. Bush had proposed some of the same cuts in previous budget proposals, but they were rejected by the Republican-controlled Congress.

Oops. But, see, when they were rejected by a Republican Congress, the Emperor didn’t then veto the bills. Now that it’s a Democratic Congress, he has made a veto pen his Scepter of The Holy No – no sacrifice, no taxes, no money for anything but the Oil Occupation, not even for such GOP stalwarts as crime and anti-immigrant bills, never mind that bastion of local Republican corruption, the CDC.

So does that mean that at long last the Bushie-whipped Pubs in Congress will rebel and over-ride a veto?

Um, no, not exactly.

That’s not to say that Republicans are ready to vote to override a veto.
GOP leaders believe the growth in federal spending and the string of budget deficits under their rule contributed to the election losses last year that handed control of Congress to the Democrats. And they remain under pressure from their conservative base to rein in spending.

The problem for them – besides the obvious one of cowardice – is that the Emperor’s cuts aren’t all mistakes like the ones noted above. There are significant cuts to worthless Democratic boondoggles like fuel aid for the poor and elderly this winter, who clearly deserve to freeze to death if they can’t pay the exorbitant heating oil prices demanded by energy corporations.

Then there’s the suggestion that while the Emperor opposes the “Put the Immigrants in Jail” bill, he might be persuaded to let go of enough $$$ to add a few more installments to Tom Tancredo’s “Please Fence Me In” program, taking yet another encouraging step toward turning America into a gated community.

You can see where it might be confusing for the poor Pubs. Pulled this way and that, the Emperor treating them not much better than he treats the Evil Dems – a guy doesn’t know how to feel.

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  1. Laura says:

    Oh man. I just typed up some real zippy comment for you, then I … well, it’s gone. I’ll try again later. Nice article though on how all the states will be bankrupted one way or another; either through unfunded federal mandates or by vetoing budget requests. George is such an ass.

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