CNN Punked Me on Blackwater-Immunity

Earlier, I posted on a CNN report that claimed a Senior State Department Official was now saying the Blackwater guards were not given an immunity deal.

CNN, without any acknowledgment of a revision, has now changed the story 180 degrees.

The lede paragraphs now read:

No blanket immunity deal was offered to Blackwater guards for their statements regarding a shootout in Iraq last month that left 17 Iraqi civilians dead, two senior State Department officials told CNN Tuesday.

However, some kind of limited immunity was apparently offered by State Department investigators when they questioned the Blackwater personnel apparently involved in the shootings, the officials said.

What the fuck?

This change takes us away from a blanket denial – a new and surprising allegation – and returns us back to where we were yesterday – the State Department taking the extraordinary and highly unusual step of giving the Blackwater guards limited use immunity for their statements.

Funny that the link on CNN’s home page still reads: “Official: Blackwater Not Offered Immunity” even though the story’s title has been changed to “Official: Blackwater guards offered limited immunity.

Did CNN’s Terry Frieden get spun by an overzealous “Senior State Department Official” or did he fuck it up all by himself?  Frieden owes CNN’s readers an explanation (though I won’t hold my breath).

One Response to “CNN Punked Me on Blackwater-Immunity”

  1. ag says:

    what a bunch of turds at CNN…. jumping the gun like the retards they are..

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