Condi to the Rescue … for Blackwater

TPM (via the AP) reports that the State Department promised the Blackwater shooters immunity from prosecution during the investigation of the Nisoor Square shooting that left 17 Iraqis dead.

Laws and accountability, after all, are only for nonRepublicans. Just ask Scooter.

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  1. Actually, as you read through, the story line becomes familiar: in an effort to determine the truth of a matter, immunity is granted to those involved, to encourage full cooperation. (With an exception retained for particularly gross offenders.) In other circumstances this would be called a “truth and reconciliation commission.” South Africa set up one after apartheid fell. The same arrangement is fairly common in America in certain types of investigations. This is not the shocking news its being made out to be.

  2. Macswain says:


    I can’t disagree more. Truth & Reconciliation was done in South Africa was done after lengthy consideration and debate so that all the ethnic groups in South Africa could break the danger of never ending revenge and recrimination and the inevitable cycle of violence that entails.

    Immunity here will only anger the Iraqis and create a sense of avoidance of accountability as well as a full vetting that would come with a trial. It will do nothing for reconciliation.

    Your claim that it is also fairly common in America is way off base. Plea deals are cut all the time to get lesser acts to testify against the more culpable. There’s nothing that indicates that was done here. In fact, limited use immunity, which I believe was given here, went into to disfavor after Republican appointed federal judges used it to completely toss the convictions of Olver North and John Poindexter.

    The only bases for immunity here was, one, to get Blackwater off the hook and, two, to save the administration for the potential of long drawn out legal proceedings that would have been politically embarrassing. They are simply making sure a Scooter Libby style embarrassment doesn’t happen again.

  3. Laura says:

    You mean like Sammy “The Bull” who lived down the block from me because he was never a danger to anyone else once he cooperated with authorities…

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