Death to the BCS!

What the Hell, it’s Friday and time for a lil sports talk.

I’ve long advocated for an 8 team playoff in college football and I’m hopeful that this year’s BCS boners will help make my dream a reality. Last night, I had a lot of friends hoping that suckee BCS No. 2 Boston College (no games against any team currently ranked) would finally be exposed by suckee BCS No. 8 Virginia Tech (only 1 game against a ranked opponent – a 42-7 loss to LSU). The game sucked and the win thankfully went to Boston College. Now if BC wins out against its remaining unranked opponents (did I mention that the ACC sucks?), they should get a bid to the National Championship game.

The best looking teams this year – LSU, Florida, Oregon, USC (if healthy) – play in conferences too tough to come through unscathed and maybe even with less than 2 losses.

Ohio State, like BC, is making a run for the title via a crap schedule. Playing Youngstown State, Akron and Kent State on your nonconference schedule all in the same year should be an automatic disqualifier for the championship in my book. But OSU is looking at a virtual guarantee of a spot in the title game if it wins out against weak Big Ten opponents.

But lets hope they lose because the college Gods always give the Oho States and Oklahomas a pass even when they blatantly manipulate their schedules. Instead, lets root for a Kansas or Hawaii to get into the Championship game. Only then will the powers-that-be truly recognize the need for a playoff to really determine the best team in the Nation.

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