Declare Victory And…Stay The Course?!

Good god what a load of propagandistic twaddle.  Have Ricks and DeYoung learned nothing over the last 4 years? Apparently ol’ Tom is waiting until his next book to once again put away the stenographer’s pen and do his goddamn job (eg, don’t unquestioningly shovel Pentagon bullshit re: AQI as primary disruptive actor in Iraq).
Atrios is bang on when he points out the blatantly obvious (emph mine): “[E]ven if we find the pony in Iraq we aren’t leaving. Everything is designed to ensure we stay.” Furthermore, the design is (and always has been) flawed, with the $600,000,000 embassy boondoggle representing the latest appropriately tragi-comic analogy.

FlashbackJosh Holland and Raed Jarrar on the South Korea model; more from Drew Brown on the complex, disparate make up of Iraq’s ‘insurgency’.

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