Do NOT Click on the Link!!!

Ever see The Ring? You know, the horror flick where you are not supposed to watch the videotape. Well, unfortunately, I have discovered the one link on the internet you should NEVER click. I’m warning you – DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!

I found it in this post on Sadly No! (it’s okay to click this link; this is not the one). It’s the story about the truly fucking sad death of the Reverand Gary Aldridge, a Liberty University graduate and former Jerry Falwell employee. He died of “accidental mechanical asphyxia.” Now, there’s a link in the post that will be obvious and which you will be tempted to click.

Whatever you do – DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK! I did and will pay the price for a long time. Believe me. DO NOT DO IT!

Jeebus, get it through your damn head! How many times do I have to tell you – DO NOT CLINK THE LINK.

For your protection, I am further isolating it here — The Link.   Do not even think for one fucking second about clicking on that.  DON’T DO IT!!!

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