Fireworks Fly At GOP Debate

While I was spending some much needed time with the family, apparently the Republican candidates for president were engaged in the most heated debate of the season.

While Power Line seems to believe that Fred Thompson has become the roused “sleeping giant“, that view is not one of consensus.  Indeed the paltry four minute speech delvered by Thompson on Saturday Night (While his rivals were engaging in twenty minute long speeches that seemed to get the crowd whipped up at Florida’s Republican Convention) might have just been a bit of foreshadowing for yet another snorefest for last night’s contest, at least while Thompson spoke.

Meanwhile, the four that have been doing well during the Republican debates, seemed to have continued with their performances.  For Rudy and Mitt who are dueling, all be it a little one sidedly for the former, for the top spot, this is nothing new, but another strong showing for Senator John McCain, and Governor Mike Huckabee, this is good news.

For McCain, it is a matter of slogging his way back to where he felt he should have been this entire time; the presumptive nominee.  Campaign structure, overspending, and getting hit hard on his immigration bill had nearly driven McCain clean out of the race, however on a bare bones campaign the one time Maverick is pounding his way back into contention, and much of it through performances like last night.

Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee entered the race as a largely obscure candidate.  But unlike much of the other lower tiered candidates, Huckabee appears to still show promise in regards to breaking through to the top tier.  Though not quite as prominent last night as a week prior, Huckabee still managed to get in a few licks, and even played the above the fray role quite nicely.

Winning again is also Hillary Clinton, whose name was evoked more frequently than Ronald Reagan.  This brings about a strange kind of political calculus, but one that seems to work anyway.  Given that both John Edwards and Barrack Obama are the best suited to take on the Republican nominee in the Genereal Election, it would normally make more sense to go after them and engage in a hands off attitude with the frontrunner who would have the most difficult time beating any of the Republican top tier candidates.

But the Hillary Inevitability Machine, is chugging full steam ahead, and what has developed is a kind of symbiotic relationship wherein Republicans actually get to help their chosen opponent by getting a head start on blasting her.  Let’s make no quibbles here.  Republicans deeply and sincerely want Hillary Clinton to be nominated; Edwards would prove tough to beat, particularly when you consider that his courting of the labor movement could cut huge swaths into the social conservative and security blocs that the GOP have come to depend upon, and Obama enjoys the widest win margin over the Republican candidates likely to receive the nomination according to hypothetical polling data.

It’s just that setting Hillary up as the punching bag in her debates only seems to further validate her as the Democratic nominee.

4 Responses to “Fireworks Fly At GOP Debate”

  1. Mick Arran says:

    Well, “fireworks” may be a bit strong. Compared to the snorefests we’ve been used to, it was sort of lively. In spots. That’s about the best you can say, tho, really: it wasn’t as deadly dull as it usually is.

    As for the Hillary Inevitability Machine (nice coinage, btw), it’s getting really scary. What happened to the DLC’s patented insistence on electability as the sole candidate criteria? Doesn’t count when the candidate is a DLC Founder, I guess.

  2. Well, with Fred Thompson in the room, paint drying really is fireworks. It’s like he has the power of inducing narcolepsy. It’s like his secret super power: SLEEPMAN!!!!

    Wonder if he gets a cape.

  3. Mick Arran says:

    More likely a blankie.

  4. Kevin Hayden says:

    Polling last night indicated Ron and Mike were the viewer favorites by far. It was predicted however, that the MSM would flat out lie about the winners by this morning.

    Next they’ll report the good news that the Cleveland Indians are going to the World Series.

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