Hey Lynn, I Got An American Interest For You

It would seem that Arch Chancelor Cheney has sent his wife out to dissemble talking points on his behalf when it comes to the administration’s fabulously terrible anti-terrorism policies.  What she ends up saying, though, is shocking even to one such as myself where I thought myself so long desensitized by the banality of the Administration’s rhetoric that I was beyond being shocked by anything.

Going on Jon Stewarts Daily Show, Mrs. Arch Chancelor starts discussing anti-terrorism, and even pulls out the now passe “We haven’t been hit since 9/11” argument.  I’ve never been a fan of that argument considering that aside from having the advantage of being passably true, does little to argue for the adequacy of the Bush team’s anti-terror tactics.

Any number of contributing factors outside the Administration’s policies could have resulted in us not being hit, nor does such a statement disprove opposing ideas and policies.  It merely takes a convenient truth, and minus logical connection, ties it to the policies in place.  Another reason why we may not have been hit, for instance, is because Al Qaeda may not have targeted us for a major attack… maybe because they were busy attacking England and Spain, as Stewart points out.

But that’s where Lynn dives into a vat of dumb so astounding it strikes the typically quick witted Daily Show host almost completely speechless.  When talking about instances of worldwide terrorism since 2001 as an attempt to show that our anti-terrorism policies don’t work, Jon Stewart is countered by Lynn Cheney essentially saying that the bombings that occurred in Spain, and England etc. aren’t American interests.  Seriously, it needs to be watched to be believed.

Jon rightfully points out that as these countries are our allies, they may represent something of an American interest, but here’s another one for you, Mrs. Arch Chancelor.

World wide terror has continued to increase not just in spite of Bush’s policies, but largely as a result of them, meanwhile, our continued failed policies in Iraq continue to create breeding grounds for terrorists, and even actually saw the creation of a whole new terror organization or two like al Qaeda in Iraq.

A lot of these organizations and terrorists see the US as their public enemy number one, and despite this, we continue to carry on, pissing them off more, and helping them grow.  Don’ t you think that might be something that would put as at more danger?  You know?  Aggravating our enemies and strengthening their numbers? 

Just look at how we are dealing with the refugee crisis over there.  Our actions have led to millions of Iraqis to leave home as refugees and we have taken a woefully low percentage of them in.  Don’t you think that might pose a risk that might classify as something of an American interest?

Arrogance.  This is the same bald faced arrogance that has driven our foreign policy for the past six years, and I’m afraid history will never be nearly as kind as Lynn would hope.  This is how most of them think, they’ve just been barely aware enough to not be quite so blatant.  No, it took the wife of the Arch Chancelor to come out and say what everyone else was thinking.

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  1. I watched this last night on Comedy Network (Canada) – sadly one of the only two links to my former TV viewing home life on Canadian television – and was as uncomfortable as the next guy. She seemingly tried to play nice early in the interview but at one point I saw her eye’s go wide for a split second and realized she could not turn it off any longer. It was quite disgusting.

  2. Macswain says:

    Lynne Cheney’s got a sick & twisted mind. Even if you didn’t give a fuck about the terrorist attacks against our allies, which she apparently distinguishes herself as on e of the few with such a mindset, she seems to have forgotten the American victims of terrorism since 9/11:

    1. The American victims of the Anthrax Killer;

    2. The American Victims of Sniper;

    3. The Assassination of U.S. Diplomat Lawrence Foley in front of his residence in Amman, Jordan;

    4. The Americans who were killed in the Bali bombing;

    5. The attacks on the American Consulates in Karachi, Pakistan (June 2002) killing 12 and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Dec 2004) killing 5;

    6.The bombings at three American hotels in Amman, Jordan that killed 57 people (two of the hotels Clinton prevented from being bombed during his watch);

    7. The kidnapping and execution of American Paul Johnson in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; and

    8. The thousands of American soldiers, contractors and other citizens killed in Iraq.

    This victims are politically inconvenient to her and so she spits on their graves by pretending they simply never existed.

    Truly a sickening person.

  3. Macswain says:

    Coincidentally, Cheney’s remarks come on the eve of the five year anniversary of the Bali bombing. In Bali, there will be remembrance ceremonies. While in the Cheney home, these victims are forgotten.

  4. I would say it would have been nice for Jon to hit her up with those facts, but I doubt she would have listened anyway. Plus, as Mike mentioned, things were already tense enough. I mean, and I think Mike had it right, she started off playing nice and civil and “okay, we’re on opposing sides, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get along”. And then she pulled this “well you gotta give the president and my husband credit for that.”

    And Jon just kinda backed up and said, “…ooookay.”

    Very very tense interview, not surewhy it came about. And it’s not like Jon Stewart’s is afraid to debate Lynn Cheney, it’s just that, that’s not really what his show is about.

    Ah, anyway.

  5. mick says:

    Lynne Cheney’s got a sick & twisted mind.

    I think we already knew that. My first clue came some years ago when she was touting her Lesbians-of-the-Old-West novel, Sisters, which was rife with scenes of rape, torture, and incest. Stewart could have asked her about that, if you want to see real tension.

    Mac, I think you’re missing her point. None of the incidents you mentioned were a threat to our oil supply, therefore they did not represent a threat to “US interests”, and therefore they were of no interest to Dick, Georgie, or the GOP. I mean, that’s the way these people think.

  6. I wish I could laugh at your second point, but I know you were neither joking, nor wrong.

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