In Honor: Two Letters

Tomorrow I have to write two rather difficult letters.

Technically our In Honor fundraiser on behalf of Sgt. Yance T. Gray and Sgt. Omar Mora ends today, but seeing as how I want to give people until the very last second to give what they can, the earliest I would be willing to close up shop would be midnight tonight.  But I live on the East Coast, and so technically midnight wouldn’t be until about three in the morning for me.

So we’re going to keep this going until I get up and blogging tomorrow around mid morning as typical.  So this is your last chance.  If you haven’t given yet, please do.  If you have a blogger you read that doesn’t know about this and you think would be willing to support this cause for at least one day, please direct their attention to this post.

This is the last stretch of time we’ll have to raise money before we shut the drive down and I write my two letters.

The two letters I speak of are to the families of Mora and Gray.  I’ll be honest, I would really like to let them know that we raised 10,000 in honor of the two soldiers, but considering we seemed to peak at a little under 6,000 is no cause for disappointment.

I want to thank everyone who has helped this far, and really, all I can do is beg that for twenty four more hours just dig in and raise as much as we can.

Thank You

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