Larry Craig Still Guilty, Still A Senator

As I’ve mentioned before here, I am thoroughly not pleased at all with the entire circus that swirls around Senator Larry Craig, and had actually hoped that we would soon see an end to him usurping precious minutes in and inches of column space in the news, but man oh man was I mistaken.

If you’ll remember, after it was made public that earlier this summer Craig was arrested and delivered a guilty plea for attempting to solicit sex from a male undercover police officer in a public restroom in a Minneapolis airport, the real fun and games began.

First, Craig held a press conference to announce that he was not gay, nor had he ever been gay.  This amid all the chatter about how… ironic it was for a man who had championed every anti-gay bit of legislation to turn out to be… well… gay.  Then came the announcement that he was retiring.  Then he contradicted that announcement, announcing he wasn’t going to retire.

Then he announced that he was going to try to reverse his guilty plea.  The justification behind this was that he only pled guilty to prevent the arrest from making news (wow, talk about your major backfires there).  Meanwhile, Larry Craig spent some quality time being the butt of the jokes of virtually anyone with half a sense of humor and at least a modest grasp on current events.

Well, as it turns out, the courts aren’t going to allow Craig to reverse his plea, finding that he was both intelligent enough to make the plea, and of sound mind without being coerced into delivering it.

Does this mean we’ll finally have heard the end of Larry Craig?  Sadly, no.  Not only does he intend to keep fighting to have this blemish erased from his record, but he also intends to keep serving as Senator for the state of Idaho, guaranteeing him even MORE time as the punchline for comedians, satirists, and the like.

Should he retire?  I would.  The entire episode has not only painted him as a hypocrite, but the entire aftermath also makes him look not a little bit like a weasel trying to worm his way out of trouble.

In any case, given all the fodder he has given his prospective opponents, I find it hard to believe that he has much of a shot being reelected.  But I suppose stranger things have happened.

5 Responses to “Larry Craig Still Guilty, Still A Senator”

  1. Laura says:

    …all I keep thinking of is Craig retiring and having to stay home in Idaho, sitting on the couch with his very angry wife… He might keep fighting just so he can keep out of the house.

  2. You should know, I’m refraining, out of the interests of decency, from discussing the Larry Craig recipe titled, “super tuber”.

    that is all

  3. Laura says:


  4. Macswain says:

    “stay out of the house”? No, he’s more worried he has to stay out of the State.

  5. Laura says:

    Good point. Could be dangerous.

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