Liveblogging The Democratic Debates

Well folks, we’re just minutes out, and it’s time to get this show on the road.  I’m currently trying to get things set up on my end, so while I wait for the webcast to begin you can read the preview here.

Also, the way this works is simple.  We do the liveblogging in the comments section, so you’ll have to go there and keep refreshing to get the latest updates.  Further, you are free to contribute I just have some simple rules.

-Please be relatively polite.

-No spamming.

-Stay on topic.  Quick forays like, “Hey how are ya?” are fine, but I don’t want to talk about what your kid is dressing up as for Halloween.  That’s what email is for.

With that said, let’s watch some debates!

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  1. mick says:

    Yeah, you know, Clinton comma Bill was good on education, one of the few issues I had to give him major credit for without hardly any reservations, so it figures H would do well. She was involved in it up to her neck. I’d be happy if somebody else is Pres and gives her EdSec.

  2. mick says:

    Edwards gets points for bringing nurses into the med question.

  3. Student question: How to continue to attract quality people in medicine with Medical professionals losing pay.

    Dodd: kinda blusters out.

    Biden: Help them pay their education. Get the insurance company out of the medical decision making (nice laugh line on staying in time)

    Edwards: Nursing crisis (very clever, speaks more to the middle class, his target bloc).

    Clinton: I have no fresh ideas, so I agree with everyone else. And then she repeats what Biden said.

    obama: Insurance companies, fix medicare medicaid, focus on healthcare on prevention. Education costs. National service. decent answer.

    Kucinich: I wrote a bill. I’m also going to say the same thing about insurance companies that everyone else has but I’m going to be tougher about it.

    Richardson: I have a plan, this is what I’ll do. You know, I’m not going to knock Richardson’s intelligence, he’s a smart guy, but his style is terrible.

  4. obama on airline travel.

    And I have to fly three thousand miles to visit my family in california, and I’m going to say, yes, flying sucks. It costs too much and is not worth it.

    Okay answer, I guess, but transportation is not the kind of emotional question that is gonna be a big deal.

  5. mick says:

    Obama correectly identifies deregulation as the reason for the airline industry’s mess but won’t suggest re-regulation.

  6. Clinton on illegal immigrant driver’s licenses. Dodges the question, talks about federal immigration reform.

  7. Chris is calling her out.

  8. mick says:

    Dodd and H getting into it over a Pub issue of immigrant drivers’ licenses? Sheesh. What a waste.

  9. To defend Obama, he did get cut off.

    Back to the fireworks between Dodd and Clinton.


  10. mick says:

    H don’t like being challenged. She’s po’d again.

  11. Government guidelines on the internet to edward.

    He would for protecting children, and then he… Yeah, get that.

    He is calling Hillary out on double talk, and Hillary is laugh about it.

  12. obama is heaping on with Edwards.

  13. mick says:

    Aw, this is just Hillary-bashing. We’re outa time and they’re using it to hit her. Generally, I’m in favor but….

  14. And obama just did what Hillary did not do, and he stood up and agreed with Illegals getting driver’s licenses.

  15. Yeah, well, the Hillary bashing is better than Kucinich on UFOs.

    ARe you kidding?!?!?!!?!?!

  16. mick says:

    Christ, a joke question to end. Two joke questions. Aaaaargh

  17. Obama takes a question which is absurd, and turns it into a great answer. “I don’t know if there is life on other planets, but I know there is life on THIS planet.”

    Loudest applause/laughter of the night.

  18. mick says:

    Obama handled his joke well.

  19. SHIT!

    My coverage just got cut.

  20. Well, unless the livestream magically decides to take me back to the debates, which it doesn;t, that’s gonna be a night for me.

  21. mick says:

    H knows abouit cancer cause she went to a seminar with Lance Armstrong. Name-dropping, Cheesy.

  22. sigh

    Time to go home.

    Mick, thanks so much for joining me for this, these things are always much better with someone else joining me.

  23. As for the debates, I’ll probably right a final analysis first thing in the morning.

    Again, thank you Mick, and I’ll catch everyone later.

  24. mick says:

    Sorry, Kyle, but it’s over anyway. They just asked O what he’s going to wear for Halloween. “Mitt Romney mask with 2 sides that go in both directions at once.”

  25. mick says:

    Quick assessment:

    A better debate than usual, a better poerformance from the moderators than usual, and still not much that was new.

    Winners (to play that game, which I don’t usually do): I agree with Kyle: Obama and Edwards. Dodd did himself some good but he’ll never break out of the pack. Biden was controlled and peppy for a change with only one answer I caught that tended to wander, but it’s a good performance that probably comes too late in the game to be of much use.

    Losers: Hillary, who was off her game and teetering on the edge of a blowout. Her answers were a long series of dodgeball moves – Duck, Dive, Dip and Dodge – and she managed to say nothing of substance all night except her 30 secs on education. Richardson was embarrassing. Based on tonight, he’d be doing himself – and us – a favor by pulling out tomorrow morning. Not that he’s likely to show that much good sense.

    Dennis was a wash. He didn’t hurt himself, he got off a number of good lines and made a few good points, but he clearly doesn’t belong. Enough already.

  26. Macswain says:

    Good job guys.

    Why won’t Richardson just run for the Senate already?

  27. Laura says:

    Thanks Fellas. That was fun to read.

  28. Dynamic says:

    Thanks for the play by play, I didn’t get a chance to check this out.

  29. Jeez guys. When I started thinking about a live blogging event yesterday and realized that you (Kyle) had not been around for the past two days I figured it was a no go. In the end I opted to carve pumpkins while watching the debate. Woops.

    That being said, the Zen-like focus involved in carving a dragon face on a pumpkin gave me a unique perspective on this debate. I hate to say it but I think the top three were Biden, Dodd and Edwards in that order. The losers were Richardson, Clinton and Obama – who seems to be afflicted with John Kerry syndrome; the inability to deliver a succinct point in under 30 seconds.

    Of course, the question among the punditocracy will be some iteration of “did Hillary do so grievous as to cause her to lose her ‘front-runner’ status?” A straw man, or woman in this case which will ensure she does not fall more than five points in the polls.

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