New Poll: Dems Blowing It Big Time

A new WaPo/ABC poll shows the numbers even further in the tank. Bush is at his lowest approval rating ever and the inaction of the Democrats in ending or even slowing down the war is the engine pushing them deeper and deeper into negative numbers. The Innocent Bystander Fable is breaking down as people start to realize it’s a crock, and it’s becoming clearer to them that the Dems are playing politics with the war. The DLC/BD strategists are putting the lives of our soldiers up against a win in ’08, and it stinks to high heaven.


As a strategy, it has always had a potentially vicious political downside – that the Democratic party would be perceived as do-nothing wimps even after they were given control of Congress – but if voters catch on to just how nasty is the Democrats’ decision to let the war go on because they figure they’ll win if it isn’t over by then(and they obviously are), it could spark a reservoir of hatred and disgust that could take years to dissipate.

The problem is, of course, that the poll contains enough wiggle-room for our DLC/BD strategists to spin into a false perception of support.

Part of the displeasure with Congress stems from the stalemate between Democrats and the White House over Iraq policy. Most Americans do not believe Congress has gone far enough in opposing the war, with liberal Democrats especially critical of their party’s failure to force the president into a significant change in policy.

At the same time, there is no consensus about the pace of any U.S. troop withdrawals from Iraq. In July, nearly six in 10 said they wanted to decrease the number of troops there, but now a slim majority, 52 percent, think Bush’s plan for removing some troops by next summer is either the right pace for withdrawal (38 percent) or too hasty (12 percent would like a slower reduction, and 2 percent want no force reduction). Fewer people (43 percent) want a quicker exit.

(emphasis added)

Ignoring the momentum going in the other direction, the DLC will point to this razor-thin majority in favor of going slow to prove they’re doing the “right thing”. It won’t matter that it’s cynical, destructive, and the wrong thing for the country and the troops to delay action just to win an election. It won’t matter that if they insist on going down this path, a lot of people are going to hate them for a long time. It won’t even matter if the poll suggests that by November of ’08 voters could be so angry at how little their votes meant in ’06 that they might not bother to show up at all. They’ll do it anyway. They’re not thinking that far ahead and/or they’re in denial just like the GOP.

Or else they just don’t give a damn what we think or what we want.

I have become convinced the last few months that it’s the latter. As I’ve written several times before, it’s hard to explain their actions over FISA, habeus corpus, the abominable trade deals with Panama and Peru, the indelibly petty and stoopid vote, the idiotic and dangerous declaration that Iran’s army is a terrorist group effectively giving Bush an excuse to attack Iran without having to ask their permission, and on and on and on, any other way. In fact, adding this week’s new blank check for Bush’s illegal war, it is rapidly reaching the stage where it’s simply impossible to explain it all away as fear, gutlessness, or some kind of monumental incompetence without sacrificing your credibility to blind credulity.

The conservative DLC/BD Alliance has infected the Democratic party like a deadly virus, turning rational friends and family into pod people ruled by the Molochian principles of Republican aristocrats. They’re running a program of their own and it has nothing to do with us.

They are NOT a lesser evil than the GOP. They ARE the GOP. They just dress better.

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  1. John says:

    Hi webmaster!

  2. Laura says:

    What is the definition of a Blue Dog Democrat? I want to emphasize here just how much work it took in AZ’s 5th to unseat JD Hayworth. We replaced him with a kindly school teacher, Harry Mitchell. At the same time we have been trying to get Trent bizarro-freaky-crazy Franks out of the 2nd district, but there again is another kindly school teacher named Thrasher as the Dems’ pick for ’08 after his loss to bizarro-freaky-crazy in ’06. Yes, I am getting ready to make a point:

    Harry Mitchell has claimed that he has to represent his republican constituents as well (as the people who worked night and day to get him into office). Does that make him a Blue Dog if he’s worried about his republican support to the point he votes against basic democratic expectations? I’m worried Harry hasn’t impressed anyone and JD might just throw his hat back in and win in ’08.

    Since Thrasher would represent a mostly red district if he could succeed in ’08 against ‘b-f-c’, will he not have to vote republican to keep them happy? District 2 has a huge and lively senior population and as you probably know, seniors aren’t shy about making phone calls to their reps. Is Blue Dog a way of thinking or a political strategy when representing republicans?

    I need some sleep; I just asked one question about eight ways with examples….

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