NYT Fluffs Up Rudy’s Showing At Values Voters Straw Poll

It’s the prize to be had in this year’s GOP contest, the coveted endorsement of the ultra powerful Religious Right.  Such a thing is a grand asset to be had; not only are we talking about a couple million voters in the bank, but also a group of enthusiastic folks who will knock on doors, put up signs, and print up pamphlets and send out mass emails depicting your Democratic opponent doing something bad like setting bibles on fire, or engaging in three-way homosexual intercourse.

Who wouldn’t want something like that?

But Rudy doesn’t get to have it, no, apparently the closest he’s getting to the Religious Right is a kiddie touching priest.  The rest of the supercharged religiously motivated political movement has essentially turned its back on the former NYC Mayor.  Still that didn’t somehow keep the New York Times from taking the recent values voters straw poll and making it all about Rudy, even though he managed to only collect a pathetic 2% of the votes.

In a Media Matters column today, they take a look at the strange front page, above the fold, coverage of the value voters straw poll held over this past weekend, and things automatically don’t add up.  Rudy, whose socially liberal stances in the past have all but ostracized him from the Christian political community, was everywhere.  It wouldn’t be until much further down in the article (when they actually go into voting totals), that one would realize that other candidates were both in attendance, and left a much more significant impression on the Christian voters who were there to act as a kind of barometer for the Religious Right’s tendancies.

But beyond the mere impediment the NYT serves as in realistically gaging the direction of the Religious Right, this blatant gift of a piece to the Giuliani campaign bodes unwell for later on down the road. 

Right now I want Rudy Giuliani to win; as I’ve said in the past he’s a political disaster waiting to happen.  But the Times piece mentioned above is flangrant in its bias and benefit for the “Mayor”.  I shudder to think the impactif the NYT continues to show such favoritism especially during the general election.

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