Offensive? Really?

Here we go again
The phone will ring again
I’ll be her fool again
One more time

Let me take this opportunity to mix a “something light” post with some good old fashioned venom.

This morning we were reminded once again how fearful the Republican party is of any form of criticism. On Tuesday, MSNBC and Chris Matthews will be hosting debate number 472 and the party of whine and jeez is already up in arms.

Matthews was celebrating the 10th anniversary of his “Hardball” program at a Washington event, when he let loose a broadside at the White House.Bush & Co., he declared, had “finally been caught in their criminality.”

He compared this White House’s behavior with another one, saying, “Spiro Agnew was not an American hero.”

Of the vice president, Matthews said, “God help us if we had Cheney during the Cuban missile crisis. We’d all be under a parking lot.”

Now, “Hardball” is an opinion show, and Matthews is certainly entitled to his opinions – however offensively he chooses to express them.

Offensive? Really?

Would it be offensive to say for example Ken Lay was a criminal? How about Nixon? I don’t think so. I don’t think any reasonable human being would think so. How is it any different then, with the multitude of repeated violations of common decency not to mention the rule of law of which this party has been caught red handed, for any reasonable person – media personality or not – to say so.

The answer is it is not unless you are incapable of looking at yourself with the same level of criticism as you look at everyone else.

A quick jog around the blog-o-sphere validates my point.

Madam Malkin

On Tuesday, the GOP’s presidential candidates have a choice: Suck up and roll over for the liberal media establishment. Or grow some balls and fight back for once. Not. Holding. Breath.The candidates will be appearing on nutroots cable TV’s MSNBC for a debate in Dearborn, Michigan. Why they are bothering to show up on a network with basement viewership is beyond me. Even more puzzling: Why they would bother to show up for a debate co-(im)moderated by spittle-flecked Chris Matthews.

Merv @ Prairie Pundi

Mathews is not only wrong on the facts he is wrong in his attitude toward the current administration and Republicans in general. He has become part of the Democrat smear machine and has no place at a Republican forum.

Pamela Geller

No, I won’t be watching that blowhard, Chris Matthews “moderate” the Republican debate. How he got that job is beyond me. We want a debate, not another lamestream media opportunity to spew leftarded rhetoric. NBC must replace him immediately.

Rather than actually answer questions about their criminal behavior, the Republican party, along their sycophants in the echo chamber have decided it is time to roast Matthews.

Attack the messenger.

The NY Post was round one, FauxNEWS has taken it to round two.

Hat tip to Paddy over at Cliff Schecter’s place for this video.

Somewhere in an old anchorman version of a VFW hall I can hear Dan Rather, face in hands, sobbing, “here we go again.”

One Response to “Offensive? Really?”

  1. mick says:

    Golly. Remember the good ol’ days of pre-election 2006 when Matthews was the darling of the Robot Right for consistently passing White House TP’s directly through his brain to his mouth without interference from a single stem cell? *sigh* Those were the days, eh?

    [/fake nostalgia]

    While I don’t disagree that Republicans fear, loathe, and despise criticism, I think a sizable chink of what’s goosing them to heights of the kind of hysteria your quotes suggest is a recognition that the pendulum and the momentum behind it are swinging in the other direction and that Matthews’ about-face shows, media whore that he is, just how far in the opposite direction it’s swung. They’ve lost all the battles, they’re about to lose the war, and Matthews, as is his wont, switched sides in a desperate attempt to keep his pundit-position intact. He is, therefore, a TRAITOR.

    I predict there will be a lot more of this as the writing on the wall becomes clearer, and that the RWNM will become increasingly shrill and nasty with every defection from the TB ranks. I further predict that Malkin herself will be one of the earliest of the Hard-Right Hysterics to jump ship.


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