Phase 2

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a contributor to Comments From Left Field.  Considering I’ve been a part of this place for some time now, that’s saying something.  Not only has the site experienced some impressive growth over the past few months, but the addition of Mick and Matt to the team has just been an incredible experience, and though they’ve only been with us for a few weeks, it feels like so much longer.

And of course, you can’t talk about big things here without talking about the “In Honor” fundraiser.

 To give you an idea of how hopeful we were at the onset, we initially considered setting the goal as low as 1,000 dollars before Mike at the last second bumped it up to 2,000.  Let’s face it, Comments was growing, and growing fast, but not THAT fast.

But you guys shocked us, and the blogosphere shocked us.  We’ve got over thirty blogs that we know of that have joined in this effort, and I believe that there are probably quite a few more that have simply slipped under the radar.  This cooperative effort has resulted in us averaging over a thousand dollars a day, something we hadn’t even imagined was possible.

And I personally thank every blogger who has helped get the word out, and ever person who has dug a little into their pockets to donate to this cause.  And that’s something too.  When you head over to the donation page, you’ll notice that the largest contributions are $120.00, give or take, which means we’re getting it done with small sums.  Lot’s of people are donating $30.00 or less, and it may not seem like much, but trust me, every little bit helps.  So I encourage you to donate if you haven’t already.

 With your help, bloggers and donators alike, we are currently already beyond the halfway mark with (at the time of this writing), $5,501.00.  That is amazing.  But you know something?  We may have started this thing not sure how successful we would be, but given the success we’ve already had, it’s hard not to imagine we could accomplish anything.

And so, I think it is time we kicked it up a notch, don’t you think?

This is for everyone, all the bloggers who are onboard, all the people who think this is a good cause, and have donated.  And I want to really point out those that have not contributed, but do think this is a good cause.  I’ve been there.  Many times have I felt a cause was particularly worthy, but couldn’t give because I couldn’t afford to, or some other mitigating circumstances.  I know what it feels like to want to help, to want to give, but not be able to.

Now it’s your time to shine.  You too can help without spending a single cent, and with only spending a few moments of your time, so here’s the plan.

It’s time to grab the attention of the A-listers.  We’re going to go after some bigger names, and for that we need your help.  Thus far we’ve gotten by on people we know, or at the very least were able to enlist with only one or two emails, but the names we’re now looking at getting are too big to reasonably expect to respond to just one or two emails.  How many emails a day do you think Keith Olbermann gets?  Or Bill Moyers?  I have utter faith that they’ll grant us some help; they just need to know we’re out there, and not have a single email deleted by an intern.

So that’s where you come in.  You’re going to help us email these folks.  The more emails they get, the more likely they will be to stop by, check out the cause, and hopefully help us out with bringing more exposure to it.  So we want to get as many people as possible sending emails to the following people:

Josh Marshall

Glenn Reynolds

Glen Greenwald

Andrew Sullivan


Markos (browser based contact)

Michelle Malkin:

Bill Moyers

Keith Olbermann

 Chris Matthews

You can send them all one single email, informing them of the In Honor drive, and linking to the main page here.  And that’s it.  You’re done.  I don’t even have a standardized form. You folks know why this is a worthy cause, so let it come from your heart.

Let’s get it done, now.


A couple of other related items.  I’ve been contacted by both Sgt. Gray’s father in law, and now Sgt. Omar Mora’s brother in law who apparently stumbled upon our fund drive.  Given both families are still understandably grief stricken there has not been a great deal of communication, but I did want to pass on that both families wish to give their thanks for the good work you folks are doing.

Also I did want to mention that tomorrow marks the half way point of the fund drive, at least in terms of time.  Considering we crossed the half way point towards reaching our monetary goal over the weekend, I think it is safe to say we are still on track to collect ten thousand before our Oct. 9th deadline.  But that’s no reason to rest on our laurals.  Please get involved with the email campaign, please donate, please help make this fund drive HUGE!

I’m really trying to push to make this an annual event here at Comments, but I need you guys to really help us show that this is worth doing every year.

Again, thank you, everyone who has participated in any way possible. 

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