Pick Me … Pick Me … I Gave Immunity to Blackwater

The New York Times has weighed in on the Blackwater-Immunity controversy. Tucked away in the piece is this little doozy:

Spokesmen for the State and Justice Departments would not comment on the matter. A State Department official said, “If there’s any truth to this story, then the decision was made without consultation with senior officials in Washington.”


We are supposed to now believe that some rogue State Department official simply ran with itl and started passing out immunity deals (deals that certainly involved the advise and consent of State Department lawyers) without the knowledge of Condi and her Washington sidekicks. Uhm … this might make sense except for the fact that the Blackwater shooting has been a huge fucking deal from Day One.

What I suspect is happening is that the groundwork for a scapegoating is being laid. One of the iron clad rules of rightwing presidential politics is that the lower staff must take the bullet for the higher ups. Think Scooter or Eliot Abrams from Reagan and Bush I. The soldiers get rewarded on the backside through wingnut welfare. Believe me, guys like Abrams and Libbey will make more $$$ postconviction than every person reading this post combined. Somewhere right now there’s a bunch of State Department officials screaming “pick me.”

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