Pots, Kettles, And Foul Mouths

Democratic Congressman Pete Stark has probably seen better days of his political career.  Not the kind of pol that engenders broad national appeal, or even news coverage for that matter, it took an exceptionally emotional soundbite to launch him into the hottest fires of the political crucible.

The diatribe in question related the much criticized veto of the SCHIP expansion that Democrats attempted to pass through congress, and the Iraq War which Democrats appear to have so little power to stop.  The exact words were, “You don’t have money to fund the war or children.  But you’re going to spend it to blow up innocent people if we can get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the president’s amusement.”

In the aftermath, Rep. Stark would engage in a tearful apology, and Congressional Republicans would attempt to censure Stark for his clearly inappropriate language.  The censure failed, but I kinda find it interesting that Rep. John Boehner apparently spearheaded the effort.

Boehner, Mr. Cry on the House floor, John Boehner.  Funny, the thing about John Boehner is him pointing the finger at other people and calling what they have to say inappropriate is sorta like the pot calling the kettle a big wheepy potty mouth.

Lest we forget that it was John Boehner who got his own holier than thous self in hot water by implying that the nearly four thousand troops lost, and the thousands more injured was merely a “small price” to pay, and of John McCain’s immigration bill, well, he just parroted the same thing conservative bloggers had been saying without even bothering to clean up the language when he referred to it as a “piece of shit.”

I just wanted people to remember where the censure is coming from.  Personally, I think Stark shouldn’t have even apologized.  Sure, it was a little overboard, at least implying that Bush was getting entertainment out of the Iraq war.  These are professionals and such a claim is a little too presumptive.  On the other hand, just about everything he said is exactly what the American public wants to know.

Why the hell is there not nearly enough money to make sure four million more children receive health care, but there’s even MORE money available to continue to wage a widely unpopular war?  How does that work?

And can we get over this “sense of the Senate”, condemning everything people say bullshit?  I’m tired of it.  This attempt to censure Pete Stark is empty, it attempts to elevate the significance of Congress based upon its own self imposed irrelevance and vapidity.

Now, words have meaning and repurcussions and power, but this is only if the words themselves have value in the form of plausible ideas or if they are weilded by those who have the asset of action on their side.  Congress lately has had neither.  The ideas held in the halls of Congress have been flooded by blatant partisan warfare that doesn’t even stop to consider the will of the voters they are fighting over, and it has proven itself utterly impotent in affecting governmental action.

Under this atmosphere, the sense of Congress, the censure of these “peers” mean nothing; let it go.

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  1. Just an FYI-
    This incident has crushed the hopes of some well-regarded libertarian bloggers that the Dems were worth supporting last November:


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