Quote of the Day: Bitter And Distorted

The Iraq war was probably doomed from the start. And while [Lt. General Ricardo] Sanchez couldn’t have won the war, he could have contributed less to its loss. And this is what Sanchez’s account never grapples with: The proposition that a war likely to fail shouldn’t be fought. That omission makes sense. After all, if Sanchez really saw the writing on the wall in July 2003 — the beginning of his command — he was derelict in his responsibility to either refuse command or to speak out in favor of drastic changes in strategy. Instead, he’s emblematic of the general officer described in Lt. Col. Paul Yingling’s recent essay “A Failure In Generalship”: supine to civilian zealotry, hobbled by conventional wisdom, ignorant of counterinsurgency, and deceptive to the public. It should probably come as no surprise that his account of who’s to blame for Iraq is as bitter and distorted as it is.

– Spencer Ackerman, The Disgruntled General (via Big Media Matt)

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