Ron Paul Would Give To This Charity

Okay, so I’m going to straight up admit that this is about as cheap as it gets, but that’s okay.  I am not above cheap tactics for a good cause.

Okay, so I tag Ron Paul because anytime we write anything about Ron Paul whatsoever, we tend to get hordes of his supporters (good or bad) hitting the post.  But for the most part, they stay to that post, say what they have to say, and leave most the rest of the blog alone.

Now, we can argue over the merits of Ron Paul, and we often do, but I wanted to take a time out from all of that in order to spread the word of a cause we have been spearheading now for about a wek and a half.  As many of you probably know, seven soldiers recently wrote a New York Times OpEd critical of the Iraq war.  Weeks later, a couple of them died in Iraq in a non-combat related incident.

Since then, we’ve been in contact with members of both men’s families and have started a fundraising drive in their honor.  One hundred percent of the donations go directly to Fisher House, a not for profit organization that builds and maintains houses near military medical facilities.  When a soldier is injured and must undergo significant medical treatment, their families can stay in these houses free of charge, providing moral support.

Please, take a few moments out, check out this post, and if you can toss in a little change.

Thank you.

5 Responses to “Ron Paul Would Give To This Charity”

  1. Chris says:

    Haha… well, ok, but can we count on your to not make Ron Paul spam accusations since you yourself have admitted to spamming for Ron Paul traffic? Ya know, if RP was elected the need for an org like Fisher House would not be as strong. It might be more effective to donate to RP. You shilled. I shilled. We cool? 😉

  2. Fair deal. Thank you so much.

  3. Fisher House is a great charity. Your support for them is one of the main reasons I decided to add your site to my link list, on the grounds that anyone who supports Fisher House must have at least a little bit of sense.

  4. Thanks…

    Seriously, it’s a good cause, we’ve worked with them in the past, so when we dropped the idea of setting up a scholarship, I think they were the first charity we turned to once we decided to go that route.

    It does sadden me though that all of a sudden, the fundraising has pretty much dried up, but still, close to six thousand dollars isn’t too shabby, and even though it is beginning to look like we aren’t going to make our second goal, I still consider it a win because we blew away our original goal. And I think we’re going to do the drive again next year.

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