Rudy Says Something Other Than “9/11”

By this stage of the campaign, one has to wonder if Rudy doesn’t have his very own special language, one that is comprised 99% of “9/11” with the remaining lone percent made up completely by punctuation.

So you may find it moderately shocking that the mayor had something other than “9/11” to say.  Don’t worry, we’re not in danger of Rudy being capable of forming complete sentences in English; the quote below the fold actually took place before 9/11.

“Well, I’m a Republican mayor, but I”m really not. I’m the mayor of New York City. I ran as a Republican, I ran as a Liberal — which really confuses all kinds of people — and I ran as an Independent, as part of the Independent Party, which actually is now the party that’s supporting Ross Perot. So I ran a fusion candidacy, like my predecessor Fiorello LaGuardia. So I’m not the most partisan of Republicans.”

The blatant error here is not that despite all of the pandering to prove how much of a big burly and strong Republican he tries to pass himself off as now, he once didn’t even consider himself a Republican.  Nope.  The problem is that there is a soundbite of Rudy floating around out there that does not have the phrase “9/11” firmly and comfortably embedded about half a dozen times per sentence in it.

While the campaign has as of yet not responded to this damaging gaffe, I believe it will likely involve something to the effect of “9/11 changed everything.”

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