Screaming LOUDER!!!

On my drive into work, the folks on the local talk radio show were discussing all the recent events over which the rightwing nutters have come unhinged — Gore winning a Nobel, Jimmy Carter on Iran and, of course, that damn 12 year old SOB, Graeme Frost, speaking up in support of an SCHIP program from which he benefited.

Clearly, these folks are seeing the grasp on power they have held over all three branches of government slipping through their fingers. Their response has been to scream louder. With the Frosts, we’ve seen the appropriate response is to stand up and fight back with facts and with highlighting how the Republican power machine in DC is acting in concert with the smear merchants. It is backfiring on them, but only will continue to do so as long as liberals and Democrats continue to stand up to their bullying and lying.

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  1. I actively argued against the right-wing blogospheres’ investigation into the Frosts’ personal finances, and I do not attempt to justify it or pretend that it is anything short of disgusting. That said, however, I would love to see a Progressive site acknowledge that there is something inherently unseemly and exploitive about putting a 12 year old kid up there as a policy advocate.

    Forgetting for a moment the inherent problems in using anecdotal (and highly emotional) evidence as a policy argument, is it really necessary to search out a young child and thrust him in the middle of a political debate? Shouldn’t we at least allow kids to maintain some semblance of innocence? Moreover, should policy debates be based on appeals to reason rather than an emotional response to one story?

    For the record- I get just as upset about things like this when I happen to agree with the policy being argued for. A few examples: Kids being bussed in to protest in favor of school choice during the SCOTUS arguments over Zelman v. Simmons-Harris; kids being bussed in to DC every year to protest against Roe v. Wade.

  2. You know, I’m going to counter that on one point, and I’m going to do this completely ignorant of how Graeme Frost actually came to give those words during the radio address.

    As a rule, I think no, you don’t force children into the fray. You don’t go hunting for a kid that is willing to do this. On the other hand, there are a lot of children out there that at young ages become civic minded and want to partake in the political discourse. So, if they volunteer themselves, I’m all for it.

  3. …With that, I am willing to agree. Actually, I think I’m ideologically required to agree.

  4. PeBoVision says:

    Children have been out collecting money on behalf of a myriad of charities on Halloween night for decades… They are used as corporate mouth pieces on television ads 100 times a night… They are used as spokespersons for everything from quit-smoking campaigns to selling condoms. Don’t even get me started on the influence that outsourcing and offshore manufacturing has had on child labor overseas. (And you don’t sell “Safe-the-Children” showing pictures of dying cattle.

    Hell, Mr Bushwacker can’t even see fit to afford children assisted medical coverage.

    Child abuse is simply a proud part of 21st century commercial America. At least Graeme Frost is lashing out against injustice!

    So, how do you like corporate governance so far?

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