Seven Words On The Flag Pin ‘Controversy’ (Manufactured Outrage FTW!)

What Atrios said.

More from Media Matters.

2 Responses to “Seven Words On The Flag Pin ‘Controversy’ (Manufactured Outrage FTW!)”

  1. Macswain says:

    When’s the next Republican debates? What’s the over-under on how many of those “followers” will wear American flag pins. I’m betting all.

    Rudy will also up the stakes by tatooing “9/11” to his forehead.

  2. Yeah the 9/11 ink on his left butt cheek isn’t quite obvious enough anymore.

    As for the pin, as Sean Hannity might say, WE MUST HAS PINS!!! IZ UNDER ATTAXORZ!!!!!!1111!!!!

    That is, if Hannity did lolspeak anyway.

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