Something Light For A Saturday Night: A Modest Punch To The Face

It’s Saturday and you know exactly what that means boys and girls. Music time, and man I think I gotta coupla treats for ya.

Both of these bands I’ve been into for a couple of years now, and while has remained in obscurity, the other I’m happy to see has broke through and enjoyed some success in the mainstream.

Up first is a band that has been described as Arab rap sensations, and while maybe not enough people have heard them to describe them as a “sensation” exactly, this group has managed to find, in my opinion, a perfect mix of parody, vernacular, and raw mic skills.

The first single I heard from them was their first “hit”, “Bang Bang Bang”, but I think they shine brightest in this joing, “IDIDOTH”

Next up is another band I was turned on to a couple of years ago. The upbeat, almost poppy, melodies blend well with the eccentric and emotional vocal stylings unbelievably well, and it’s almost impossible to listen to these guys without bobbing your head a little whilst wearing a big dumb grin on your face. Here, one of Modest Mouse’s more recent hits, “Dashboard”.

Alright folks, that’s all for now. Have a great weekend, and I’ll catch ya again no later than Monday morning.

2 Responses to “Something Light For A Saturday Night: A Modest Punch To The Face”

  1. Good stuff… you IDIOTH! LOL

  2. Yeah, I’m gonna have to post some more Group X stuff in the future.

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