Something Light For A Saturday Night: Making Up

Okay, I have to apologize to everyone this week for being rather lackluster for the latter half of this week. Don’t really know what all happened; I was busy, but that doesn’t really excusethe malaise. But I want you to know I’ve every intent to make it up to you, starting now.

The first up, and I was talking to Matt about this just last night, I am deeply ashamed to admit that I have only just recently been introduced to the supreme awesomeness that is the Arcade Fire. For such transgression, I deserve to burn in Indie Hell which requires being forced to listen to Creed, Linkin Park, and Brittney Spears albums for the rest of my life.

But I’ve seen the light, and in a way kind of literally. I stumbled upon Neon Bible through one of my hobbies, and while I first heard the song a week ago, I still can’t get the effing thing out of my head. The video below is simply one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen and should not be missed. Also, if you really do lilke the song, I suggest you also click on this link right here where they got up this really cool little flash webtoy kind of thing going on. Watch the video, click the link, and enjoy the wonderful torture I’ve endured since first hearing the song.

Next up is one of the most beautiful mixes I’ve ever heard and is the perfect kind of music to just dim the lights, let it play, and chill. I’m not the hugest fan of DJ Shadow (I say that about a lot of artists, what can I say? I’m not of the mind that a song is good because of the name of the person who did it, so as a result I rarely find myself growing to be a fan of groups so much as individual songs), but Midnight in a Perfect World is still to date one of my favorites evar!!!!

Alright, it’s time to pick things up a bit. Our next band is a parody group, but still in posession of some serious chops. As I was putting together the songs I would use for my Saturday night offering, it kind of dawned on me that no one has really used this song in relation to the whole Larry Craig flap. It just seemed as though it would be a natural. Eh, nobody gets me. For your enjoyment I present Electric Six with “Gay Bar”.

Now, this next video is one I’ve been dying to post here for ages, except, there was no video, at least not one that was halfway decent, mostly terrible concert bootlegs and one fanmade video over clips of the Lion King. I’m not subjecting you to that. But all is for the better as I’ve finally found an official video, and you all can enjoy the musical pleasure I’ve been pleased to experience as of late in the form of Starting Line’s “Float Away.”

And the last musical selection goes old school, really old school. If you don’t have the Muppet Show season 1 DVD, I can only ask what is wrong with you? A classical variety show, the program that introduced us to Fozzy Bear, Gonzo the Great, etc. was not a kid show, but instead an adult program that is at once dated and timeless. It isimpossible to see the marks of the era in which it was produced, but at the same time, it’s genius is not diminished by the years.

What follows is a moving performance by a the great Kermit the Frog, and is at once haunting, mournful, and uplifting. HOpefully you won’t think me too cheesy in presenting, “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”

Witht he music out of the way, in my email I received a link to a political animation and while I haveyet to watch it myself, I figured I would post it here for you guys to experience. Let me know what you think in comments below.

Well, that about wraps it up for me for now. Enjoy your weekend, and please take care of each other.

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