Something Light for a Saturday Night: Modern Rock Doesn’t Completely Suck

I’m lovin’ it! Mick, Kyle and Matt have all gone oldies on us today. Some fun shit all around.

Batting clean up, I’m going to break the chain with some evidence that good music is still being made.

First, here’s an end of the night rocker from The Killers (& a video that’s a bit more ambiguous than one might first think):

Now for the late night chill out. This pick is Challengers by The New Pornographers (featuring Macswain’s femme fave Neko Case):

Oh, fuck it. I’ll go old school too. But in a very different direction than my compadres. Here’s some great cheese. Am I the only person who still uses the slang “Fox” and “Foxy”? Heh.

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