The Radiohead Revolution

A “Big Up” to Radiohead for bucking the corporate music robber barons and distributing its new album, In Rainbows, via digital downloads. Further, Radiohead allows consumers the choice of paying whatever they feel Radiohead deserves (with the exception of a 45 cent user charge).

I’m lovin’ it. The record company is cut out of the middle and the music gets to a consumer at a fair price.

Now I don’t expect that all artists can follow Radiohead’s lead in providing complete freedom to choose a price, but Radiohead is providing us with an experiment into a different way to distribute music. For that alone, the band should be heralded.

I paid 4 lbs (which I think equals a little more than 8$) for In Rainbows. I expect Radiohead to do quite well with this experiment largely because the album is fucking great.

A definite contender to be in my year-end top ten list if not the album of the year.

Here’s a taste:

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