The Real Reason Rudy Won’t Win

He smokes crack.

 Okay, maybe he doesn’t smoke crack, but it might explain this brain breaker right here:

Jon Martin has gotten his hands on color-coded maps that Team Giuliani is using to show “what they believe to be Giuliani’s anticipated general election strength versus Hillary Clinton compared to how other GOP candidates might fare against her”.

 Okay, now let’s take that map, which was based, essentially, on numbers pulled out of “The Mayor’s” ass, and compare it to the map below, which was built based off of polls:

Clinton 335-203 Giuliani

Right, so either Rudy’s enjoying some of those, what’dya call em?  Chemical substances a little too much or…  Right, it’s campaign smoke and mirrors stuff.  Like saying you suck at debates in the run up to a debate to lower expectations, or when you repeat “9/11” non stop because…  Okay, so that’s pretty dumb.

But the play here is to make it seem like Rudy’s the guy who can really take the fight to Hillary, but the ridiculous  thing is why would ANYONE put out a map that is so divorced from reality?  Even if you really are just trying to con Republicans into thinking you’re the best to go heads up with the likely Democratic nominee.

Rudy’s map doesn’t show strength, all it shows is that he wouldn’t know reality if it bit him on the ass, and then signed on for a plea bargain later.  Now, is that really the kind of person you want running the country?

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  1. bo says:

    Ron Paul is another reason Rudy won’t win….

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